Spiritual Jewelry

Cleaning Jewelry in Gross and its Subtle Purification

If the ornaments get charged with Raja-Tama, they can be taken off, purified and used again. Cleaning jewelry physically is just not effective and it need to be purified subtly as well. Various gross and subtle measures for purifying ornaments is described in this article. Read more »

Men’s Jewelry

Ornaments are an invaluable inheritance of the Hindu culture. They have been preserved with pride for generations. This article describes men’s jewelry that men should wear and why men generally do not wear ornaments. Read more »

Women’s Jewelry

How women’s jewelry help in awakening divinity and protects her from negative energy attacks is described in this article Read more »

Children’s Jewelry

To prevent subtle attacks of the negative energies on the children and to create a protective sheath of Chaitanya around them, children are made to wear ornaments like earrings, bracelet, etc. This article describes what types of children’s jewelry kids should wear to avoid negative energy attacks. Read more »

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