Shri Krishna

Shri Krishṇa was a Purṇavtar (Absolute Incarnation). Actually, a Purṇavtar is not an Incarnation but manifest God Himself; hence, He is characterised by all the features of God. Protection of society was His goal and He had realised that it was necessary to annihilate the anti-social elements and evildoers to achieve this.

Ritualistic worship of Shri Krishna

Krushna belonged to the Satvat clan of the Yadav dynasty. After He renounced His body this clan began worshipping Him. This was a kind of beginning of the Path of Devotion (Bhaktimarg). Read more »

How did Shri Krishna acquire Sudarshan Chakra ?

Of all weapons Sudarshan chakra is the only one which is constantly in motion. There are various schools of thought regarding its creation. Krushna usually holds the Sudarshan-chakra on His little finger while Vishnu on His index finger. Read more »

Why is incarnation of Shri Krishna considered as absolute ?

Krushna was born on the eighth day (ashtami) of the Hindu lunar month of Shravan. Incarnation of Lord Krishna was an absolute incarnation (purnavtar). Actually an absolute incarnation is not an incarnation but The Lord Himself; hence it possesses all the characteristics of The Lord. Read more »