Men’s Jewelry


1. Why do men generally not wear ornaments?

        In the earlier times, there was a tradition of men wearing ornaments; however, in the present Era, most men generally abstain from wearing ornaments. The Shiv Principle has adorned this vast illusory world, and men represent that Principle. Shiv Principle in the form of emotion of detachment works with the support of Maya (The Great Illusion), but does not assimilate it. Since the ornaments are a symbol of attraction, they generally abstain from wearing men’s jewelry.

2. Types of Men’s jewelry

A. The crown

  • In the earlier times, kings used to wear crowns. A crown would create equal pressure on various points on the circumference of the head and thereby, through the medium of the void in it, would attract Shakti-tattva (Divine Energy Principle) predominant waves towards it. This would complement the augmenting of the Tej-tattva (Absolute Fire Principle) in the body. Therefore, it would be possible for the kings to permanently remain alert and active through the medium of Suryanadi (The sun channel) acting at the level of Tej.

  • Whenever sattvik (Sattva-predominant) kings donned a crown, the sattvikta (purity) of the crown would also make their intellect sattvik. They could then easily imbibe waves of knowledge emitted by Deity Brahma and Saraswati Devi. That is why, they had an attitude of giving a deep thought to every aspect, and their judgments would be fair. They would not only give fair judgments, but would also suggest excellent solutions to all problems of their subjects. Knowledge made their intellect sattvik, and their ability to discriminate was constantly in an awakened state. Due to the frequent guidance they received from the Deities, they would give the right decisions and justice even under trying circumstances. As a result, governance by all such kings was good.

  • The outer surface of the crown is made of gold and is studded with precious gems and diamonds. The gold in the crown attracts the subtle-most waves of higher Deity Principles. The gems on the crown attract the subtler and subtle-most waves of higher Deities at the level of Shakti, Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness), Anand (Bliss) and Shanti (Serenity) depending on the colour of the diamonds. For example, waves of Shakti are attracted to pink and red colour, those of Chaitanya to yellow, those of Anand to blue, and those of Shanti are attracted towards white colour.

  • The nirgun (Non-materialised) Principle of higher Deities is active in the hollow of the crown. Whenever a king wore a crown, he benefited from both sagun (Materialised) & nirgun Principles of higher Deities. As a result, they acquired Divine qualities such as knowledge, valour, prosperity, success, fame, etc., which helped them perform their duties in a better manner.

  • When a crown is worn on the head, its weight puts pressure on different points on the head resulting in acupressure treatment and spiritual healing.

B. Kunal

        In the earlier times, the Sages-Ascetics and kings used to wear kunal on their ears. Wearing kunal exerted pressure on the points in the ear lobes and assisted in assimilation of attitude of detachment.

C. Bhikbali

        The bhikbali, worn on the ears, augments forbearance, meaning, maintaining restraint at the activity level.

D. Bandhanmalas of rudraksha

        In the earlier times, the Sages-Ascetics used to wear strings of rudraksha beads around their upper arms and wrists, which were called bandhanmalas. These malas would put appropriate pressure on the pressure points of the hands and transfer into the body the energy imparting physical strength and inspiration for activity, and would curb impatience in the activity.

E. Chain

Chain made of gold and silver is worn around the neck. Sometimes the chain is adorned with coral and rudraksha beads.

F. Ring

The ring is an ornament to be worn on the fingers. It appears that the tradition of wearing a ring either on one or more fingers has been prevalent since ages. The Chaitanya in the ring brings about a certain pressure on the soft portion of the fi ngers, thus leading to spiritual healing through accupressure. It eliminates the localised obstacles in the form of black energy and each finger receives Chaitanya. Since self-activity orientedness is a symbol of the Male Principle, men wear a ring on the ring finger of the right hand that represents the Surya-nadi.

G. Bracelet

Like gold and silver, copper too is a metal that emits sattvik waves. Copper is a metal that absorbs heat from the body. Hence, Marak-shakti is created in it. Bracelet is made of copper. Being sattvik, it has Tarak-shakti and to some extent, Chaitanya. The individual who wears it remains physically healthy.’ Wearing a copper bracelet is an energy enhancing act for the individual, which maintains the balance of his body’s energy.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text, ‘Science of Ornaments

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