Hindu Dharma

‘Dharma is that which accomplishes the three tasks of keeping the organisational setup of the society in excellent condition, bringing about the worldly progress of every living being, and facilitating their progress in the spiritual realm as well.’ We understand from this definition the vastness of Dharma and its extraordinary importance in human life.

Types of Dharma (Righteousness)

This article elaborates on different types of Dharma in various contexts such as depending upon class one belongs to, stages of life, role being played, circumstances etc. Read more »

Hindu Dharma

One who rejects the inferior Raja-Tama components and the resultant physical, verbal and mental inferior activities, and one who is engrossed in the Sattva predominant component and therefore, considers devotion unto God as the essence of life and thereby seeks God is to be termed ‘Hindu’. Read more »

Dharma (Righteousness) – Origin, Definition and Meaning

Life without Dharma is akin to life without oxygen, that in other words is being as good as dead. Dharma is the soul of an individual. If everyone complies with the teachings of Dharma, nature will become favourable to human happiness. This article explains origin of Dharma and importance of abiding by Dharma. Read more »

Why Shankaracharya called as ‘Jagadguru’ ?

During 7th and 8th centuries, different sects began eroding the Vedic religion. Religious anarchy prevailed all over India. Shri Shankaracharya reversed the ill effects on the Vedic religion and projected it in new light all over India as predominant in righteous conduct and non-duality. Read more »

Codes of Righteousness vary in each era, states Smrutis, Why?

Sage Vyas has clearly specified that the codes of Righteousness in every yug (era) are different. Though the doctrines of Righteousness regarding attainment of the Final Liberation are eternal, those of worldly transactions cannot be the same for all times. Circumstances always undergo change. Read more »

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राष्ट्र एवं धर्म रक्षा के लिए कार्यरत
हिन्दू जनजागृति समिति को
दिया गया धर्मदान ‘सत्पात्र दान’ होगा !