How are necklaces with specific design and length more beneficial?


1. Necklace

        The functioning of the waves associated with spiritual emotion and emotions takes place in the middle of Vishuddha-chakra and Anahat-chakra respectively. For all people to benefit, necklaces that are short and long in length, are available everywhere in larger numbers. Some main types of necklaces are:

  • Mohanmala : This is made of gold. Its length is upto the middle of the chest.
  • Lakshmihar: This is also made of gold. Gold coins with a portrait of Sri Lakshmidevi engraved on them are strung in a Lakshmihar.
  • Motimala: This is made of pearls.

Subtle effects on a woman who wears a necklace are:

  • The necklace made of gold, with a sattvik design, attracts a flow of Bliss (Anand) to it. A spiral of Bliss is created and activated in the pendant by this flow. In each small leaf of the design in the necklace, a spiral of Bliss is created and activated. From these spirals, particles of Bliss are transmitted in the body of the woman and in the environment.
  • Due to the gold and the sattvik design, a flow of Chaitanya is also attracted to the necklace. A spiral of Manifest (Sagun) Chaitianya is created and activated in the pendant of the necklace. A spiral of Chaitanya is emitted by the pendant. A protective sheath of Chaitanya is created around the necklace. Semi-circular waves of Chaitanya are emitted by the necklace. A protective sheath of Chaitanya is created around the woman wearing the necklace.
  • Divine Energy (Shakti) is experienced from each small leaf of the necklace. Due to this, spirals of Saviour Energy (Tarak Shakti) are created and activated.

Proportion of vibrations attracted to the gold necklace:

Vibrations Proportion (%)
1. Shakti 1
2. Chaitanya 3
3. Anand 2

From this it is evident that it is beneficial for a woman to wear a gold necklace.

Benefits of wearing a necklace:

  • The Vishuddha, Anahat and Swadhishthan chakras in the woman are protected. These chakras obtain Chaitanya from the necklace. Due to the Chaitanya of the necklace, the frontal portion of the woman from the throat to the stomach is protected.
  • It is believed that due to the necklace, the woman’s neck bows a little. This assists in reducing her ego and increasing humility in her.

Depending on the length of the necklace and the design on it, vibrations of each necklace differ. Having a specific design as per the length of the necklace provides more benefit.

1.1 Necklace of length upto the Vishuddha-chakra

        A necklace associated with Vishuddha-chakra, with a circular design is sattvik; because, sattvik waves of knowledge are attracted to the shape of circular designs. Some examples are – Kanthi, Thushi, Natai, Guluband etc.

1.2 Necklace of length upto the Anahat-chakra



Mohanmaal Lakshmihar

        A necklace associated with Anahat-chakra should have a petal-shaped design. The Anahat-chakra is awakened by the touch of the waves in the form of Energy of Action (Kriya-Shakti), attracted to the shape of the petals. Mohanmaal, Pohehar and Bormala are some examples of necklaces with a petal-shaped design, associated with and reaching upto the Anahat-chakra . Other examples of necklaces reaching upto the Anahat-chakra are Shrimanthar, Jondhalepot etc.

Spiritual experience regarding effects of the sattvik ornament, Mohanmaal: While wearing the Mohanmaal around the neck, I had a vision of Srikrushna. I felt that the Chaitanya of the mala was flowing down from one chakra to another. At the same time, I felt good sensations at my Brahmarandhra. After wearing the mala, my lethargy decreased and there was an increase in my enthusiasm. I felt that devotion and spiritual emotion were being created in me due to the Mohanmala. – Ms. Ranjana Gavas

Lakshmihar: Gold coins with a portrait of Sri Lakshmidevi engraved on them are strung in this necklace. Hence, it is called a ‘Lakshmihar’.

Since the coins in the Lakshmihar contain Sri Lakshmidevi’s portrait, sattvik vibrations and waves of Devi Principle are emitted from the necklace. It is because of this that the lady seeker had a good spiritual experience upon wearing it.

1.3 Necklace of length upto the Manipur-chakra

        Manipur-chakra is also called Nabhi-chakra, since it is at the navel (Nabhi). It will be apparent from this, that these necklaces are of length upto the navel. Chandrahar and Suryahar are two examples of necklaces of length upto the Manipur-chakra.

1.4 Gold necklace with seven pendants

Vibrations in the necklace Proportion of vibrations(%)
1. Shakti (Divine Energy)  50
2. Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) 20
3. Anand (Bliss) 20
4. Shanti (Peace) 10
Total 100

From this table, importance of a necklace with seven pendants is understood.

1.5 String of pearls

String of pearls

        String of pearls is worn by both, women and men. Like the gold ornaments, pearl necklaces too are of different lengths. Pearl necklaces of different lengths are worn, such as around the neck, that is, at the level of Vishuddha-chakra upto the chest, that is, at the level of Anahat-chakra and upto the navel, that is, at the level of Manipur-chakra.

Vibrations and their proportion, generated in a string of pearls depending on its length

1. Chaitanya
(Divine consciousness)
30 50 70
2. Anand (Bliss) 40 30 20
3. Shanti (Peace) 30 20 10
Total 100 100 100

It is evident from the above table that by wearing a string of pearls of length upto the Vishuddha-chakra one gets the benefit of vibrations of Bliss (Anand) and Peace (Shanti) in a larger proportion. If the length of the string of pearls is upto the Anahat-chakra or upto the Manipur-chakra, then one gets the benefit of the vibrations of Chaitanya in a larger proportion.

Effect of a string of pearls on the centers of negative energies in the Kundalini chakras in a woman and a man

  Woman Man
1. Vishuddha-chakra 30% 30%
2. Anahat-chakra 35% 40%
3. Manipur-chakra 65% 70%
4. Swadhishthan-chakra 55% 60%
5. Muladhar-chakra 45% 50%

When a woman affected by negative energies wears a string of pearls, the black energy of the mantrik in her reduces. That is, spiritual healing takes place on the woman due to the string of pearls.