The real Divine Jewelry – Brahmalankar (Ornaments from Spiritual practice)


        An ornament facilitates the process of obtaining Divine grace. They are not merely objects for display or deriving pleasure, but are an important medium to provide Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) and activate divinity in us. Wearing ornaments allows us to receive Shakti (Divine Energy), reduces the black (negative) energy in the body and protects us from negative energy attacks.

1. Spiritual level and necessity of wearing ornaments

A. Individuals with more than 50% spiritual level can repel attacks of negative energies on the strength of their Chaitanya. Hence, they are not required to wear ornaments.

B. Individuals with more than 50% spiritual level can imbibe sattvikta (purity) and Chaitanya from the nirgun (Non-materialised). Hence, they do not require any gross medium.

C. Personality defect of ‘being emotional’ is inherent in all individuals. The extent of this personality defect in women, when compared with men, is inherently greater. Negative energies can attack the mental body of an individual by taking advantage of this defect; hence, individuals need to imbibe Chaitanya through gross objects like ornaments. In men with a spiritual level more than 50% and women with a spiritual level more than 60%, the extent of the personality defect of ‘being emotional’ is minimal and hence they are not required to wear ornaments. In short, if only the factor of ‘spiritual level’ be taken into consideration, then both men and women with a spiritual level more than 50% are not required to wear ornaments; however, since the defect of ‘being emotional’ is stronger in women, they should continue to wear ornaments till they reach a spiritual level of 60%.

2. Spiritual practice is the only real divine jewelry for a human being !

        Meticulously abiding by Dharma (Righteousness) created by God, that is, fulfilling the purpose of human life by performing spiritual practice which is conducive for its spiritual evolution, can be the only big ornament in an individual’s life.

3. Extent of wearing of ornaments from Maya (The Great Illusion) and wearing of Brahmalankar by an individual depending upon its spiritual level

  Spiritual Level 
45 55 60 70
1. Ornaments from Maya (%) 60 40 30 10
2. Brahmalankar A. Proportion (%) 40 60 70 90
Total 100 100 100 100
B. Character (Note 1) Inquisitiveness Surrender Obedience Detachment

Note 1 The form mentioned here are ornaments belonging to indivudual’s Brahmalankar, that is, ornaments from his spiritual practice. Brahmalankar is the real divine jewelry one can opt for.

        In short, the chart here shows that as the spiritual level increases because of spiritual practice, the desire to wear ornaments from Maya (that is, in the gross) keeps reducing with a consequent reduction in the extent of wearing ornaments.

4. Since spiritual practice bestows Anand (Bliss) at a subtle level, no desire is left to wear ornaments at the gross level

        My daughter ordered gold earrings for me without my knowledge and then asked me to select the pattern. My reply was, “I have no desire left, not only for gold, but for anything. Then why are you taking unnecessary trouble ?” She just kept quiet. When she left, a thought flashed in my mind that, my Guru has purified my impure body and decked it with so many ornaments.

  • The head has a crown of sacrifice.

  • The hair has a string of flowers in the form of good thoughts and Priti (Unconditional love).

  • The ears have earrings of Knowledge of Brahman.

  • The nose is adorned with a ring of Hindu Dharma.

  • The neck has a necklace of God’s Name.

  • The voice has been made sweet by giving Saraswatidevi a seat on my tongue.

  • The arm has an armlet of warrior-strength and hands have bangles of satseva.

  • The feet have anklets of sound and restraint.

  • The body is draped in an expensive silk saṛi in the form of Guru’s grace and every part of the body has been decorated.

        That is why, the golden radiance of the Guru’s grace emanating from my inner-self is emitted through my eyes and encourages others to perform spiritual practice. It was then that I realised the reason for lack of desire for gold ornaments.

– A seeker.

5. There is no need for ornaments, if there is bhav (Spiritual emotion)

        If an individual has bhav, then he/she need not wear gold ornaments to imbibe Chaitanya. Otherwise, in a state devoid of bhav, wearing gold ornaments will certainly help.

6. Reason why spiritually evolved individuals are not required to wear ornaments

A. The spiritually evolved, who are a source of Chaitanya themselves, do not require the assistance of external objects like ornaments to imbibe Chaitanya

        All voids in the bodies of the spiritually evolved get filled with Chaitanya and there is continuity in Chaitanya. Since the spiritually evolved are perpetually in communion with God, a flow of Chaitanya is continuously ‘on’ from within. Hence, they do not feel the need to imbibe Chaitanya through external sources.

B. As far as possible, the spiritually evolved should avoid wearing ornaments so that the society benefits from the Chaitanya emitting from them

        The spiritually evolved, Saints and Gurus keep emitting Chaitanya. Whenever the spiritually evolved wear ornaments, the inertia of the ornaments slows down the transmission of Chaitanya. In addition, the limited ability of the ornaments to attract causes the concentration of Chaitanya around their bodies. Hence, as far as possible, the spiritually evolved should refrain from wearing ornaments. At this level, the spiritually evolved wear ornaments not out of swechha (One’s own wish) but to fulfill the will of some devotee or another Saint (or parechha [Other’s wish])

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text, ‘Science of Ornaments

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