Daily code of conduct

Dinacharya (Daily routine)

Activities performed from waking up till retiring for the day are collectively called Dinacharya. Dinacharya is planned such that a man remains healthy all his life and without any illness. The health of an individual depends upon his diet, exercise and actions. Thus, Dinacharya is important from the perspective of health Read more »

Why do we light lamp in front of deities in the evening ?

In the earlier times,the evening prayer ‘shubham karoti’ used to be recited at dusk after lighting lamps in the house; today’s children are engrossed in watching television instead. Following the Āchārdharma is the foundation of Spirituality. In this article we will see the science behind the achar of lighting a lamp near the tulsi plant and in the house at dusk. Read more »

What is the ideal technique of washing clothes ?

Washing clothes by bending keeps the chakra at the navel constantly active, and is complimentary to the movement of pancha-pran (Five vital energies) in the body. This posture constantly keeps the Suryanadi active because of which that part of the nadi is functional in a particular action. Read more »

Hindu personal hygiene practices

Washing of hands and feet is associated with external cleansing, while rinsing of the mouth, Achaman and Vishnusmaraṇ are necessary for internal cleansing of the body. We will now examine these acts one by one to understand them in depth. Read more »

Why are new clothes worn on an auspiscious day?

On specific days like the festivals, the Principles of specific Deities descend onto the earth and are active in a higher proportion. By wearing new clothes on such days, the clothes absorb the frequencies of the Principles of the Deities and become Sattvik. Read more »