Crusade against Obscenity

The campaign against Obscenity in general and against Sunny Leone in particular has stirred many hornets. Many of our readers are willing to act in the ‘Crusade against Obscenity’. This article will guide on the legal provisions that regulate obscenity in India. Read more »

Kerala High court order on Love Jihad

Indian government is not accepting the fact of ‘Love Jihad’. Here is a Kerala High court order by hon’ble Justice K.T. Shankaran Please go through the highlighted portions carefully For original order, click on the link Select ‘Case No.Search’ and enter the ‘Case No’ as 5288 and ‘Case Year’ as 2009 Please forward it … Read more

Legal guidance regarding Cow Protection and slaughter house

There are many laws, rules and regulations in India which relate to animals. They cover the preservation and protection aspects. The focus of this article is the use of law, rules and government structure through for prevention of illegal and cruel slaughtering of animals and in particulars Cows/Cattle. The cow-protectors keep on finding illegal transportation … Read more

Right to Information Act – How to use it

We are not going into the brief history of the RTI Act or such other details as we are concerned with how to practically implement the law. Right to Information Act is widely used now in India. Various RTI Activists use the law for gaining information which was otherwise not available to common citizens. RTI … Read more

Complain to the Police & District Collector to stop the nuisance caused by Loudspeakers on Mosques !

Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad has been receiving complaints from alert and patriotic citizens from various States about the nuisance caused by loudspeakers installed on mosques. Many citizens want to file petitions in the Courts. Instead of filing individual petitions, details from various cities and towns can be clubbed before filing in the Court. However, before doing … Read more