Shradh – An opportunity to repay debt to our ancestors

Repaying the debt unto the pitars is as important as repaying the debt unto God, Sages and the society. It is the duty of the descendants to respect their ancestors, donate in their name and undertake activities that will please them. As per the scriptures, performing Shradh is a part of abiding by Dharma. To repay the debt unto our ancestors and to provide them with momentum, we should chant ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ and perform shradh for them. Chanting the Name of Deity Dattatreya along with performing shradh in the Pitrupaksha further helps in protection from the distress due to the pitars. Hence, during the Pitrupaksha chant everyday for a minimum of 1 to 2 hours (12 to 24 malas) and try to chant continuously.


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