Today, hundreds of cookery books are available in the market. They contain various recipes. These books give no consideration to preserving and enhancing sattvikta in the food while cooking. Hindu culture stresses not only on the ingredients of diet being sattvik, but the process of cooking being sattvik too. These articles elaborates on various conducts such as how to sit on a cutter (a blade set obliquely on a stock for cutting vegetables), the vegetables should be cut to what size, why should Shri Annapurnadevi & Upasyadevata be remembered.

Benefits of cooking on a mud chulha

In the earlier times, women would sit near a chulha (An indigenous stove that uses firewood) to prepare food. The contact with the fire that was kindled in the chulha would purify their body. Read more »

How to maintain sattvikta in the kitchen ?

Kitchen should be clean and well-lit. Only where there is cleanliness and tidiness, Shri Annapurnadevi and God reside there. Also, it is essential to maintain sattvikta in the kitchen so that cooking can be sattvik. Some measures to be followed are given in this article. Read more »

Benefits of cooking food on a low flame

In today’s modern times there are various gadgets available for cooking, like pressure cooker, microwave oven etc. In the earlier times, food used to be cooked on a low flame. Benefits of such cooking are given ahead. Read more »

Correct method to cut vegetables

We all cook vegetables every day. Do we ever introspect before cutting the vegetables as to how we should cut them so the food prepared with them is sattvik ! Let us learn the rules related to vegetables. Read more »

Fundamental ingredients of food and cooking food from them

Grains, pulses and vegetables have most important place in our kitchen. With their use; Sattvikta can be increased in our kitchen. We will learn some fundamental ingredients of food. After understanding them and by putting them into practice, we will definitely be benefitted by their sattvikta Read more »