The Supreme Shiva is the conductor of the five actions in the universe – Srushṭi (Creation), Sthiti (Sustenance), Samhār (Annihilation), Anugraha (Grace) and Vilaya (Dissolution). This universe is a reflection of the Supreme Shiva.

12 Jyotirlinga

There are twelve Jyotirlingas and they are the major places of worship of Shiva. They materialised in a radiant form. The thirteenth pinda is known as the kalpinda. The pinda (Subtlebody) which has crossed the limits of kal (Time), is known as kalpinda.

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Sattvik picture and Name-strip of Deity Shiva

Different individuals perceive different vibrations from Sanatan’s pictures of Deities according to their Path of spiritual practice. For example, if an individual is following the Path of meditation, he will perceive Anand; whereas, an individual following the Path of knowledge will perceive Chaitanya in the same picture etc.

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