Love Jihad – Wolf in sheep’s clothing

The entire nation has been jolted with the news that one Aftab Ameen (Poonawala) has been apprehended for the murder of his live-in girlfriend, Shraddha Walkar (alias Shraddha Madan) of Mumbai. Aftab and Shraddha eloped to Delhi against the wishes of Shraddha’s parents, where they lived together. Shraddha asked Aftab to marry her. A reluctant Aftab instead of ending the relationship, premeditated on Shraddha’s murder. He killed her, chopped her body into 35 pieces and methodically disposed off the pieces across Delhi. Had Shraddha’s parents not filed a complaint, Aftab would have escaped and probably trapped another innocent girl! So what was Aftab’s motivation to be in the relationship, which ultimately ended in poor Shraddha’s brutal murder? It clearly shows that it was not just a matter of murder but it was related to the ‘jihadi’ concept of ‘love jihad’ which has again started debates on the issue of ‘love jihad’ in this country. We wish to draw your kind attention to the following points in this context….

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Union Govt. must pass a law against ‘Love Jihad’ to avoid repetition of cases like Shraddha Walkar’s murder !

Request you to please send the email with this demand to Hon’ble Prime Minister, Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs and National Commission for Women, India by clicking on the below button. Request you to send a copy of the email to [email protected]

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Efforts of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

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Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has been creating awareness in the society about ‘Love Jihad’ for the last many years.

🚩 Hindu Janajagruti Samiti published a book named ‘Love Jihad’ for creating awareness.

🚩 Lectures are organized at various places to create public awareness about Love JIhad and promote Hindu religion and culture.

🚩 Special discussion organized on the topic, ‘Horrifying consequences of Love Jihad?’

🚩 Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Andolan organized across India to demand central government to immediately pass the Anti-Love Jihad law and a law to ban Religious Conversion in the country, ban on ‘Kedarnath’ movie for promoting love jihad.

🚩 In All India Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, devout Hindus decided to work unitedly for awakening Hindus to stop the conspiracy of Love Jihad and Religious Conversion.

🚩 Memorandum given to Government officials at various places to implement effective measures in the context of the gruesome problem of ‘Love Jihad’ and to impose law banning Religious Conversion.

🚩 An Assamese serial named ‘Begum Jaan’ was being broadcast through Assamese TV channel ‘Rengoni’. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, along with other Hindus launched a campaign demanding a ban on the serial by sending an email to the Government of Assam and the Ministry of Broadcasting through an online petition.

🚩 The devout Hindus freed a national level sportsperson living in Thane district from the clutches of Love jihad. The devout Hindus who rescued this girl told that after following various measures and acts mentioned in the book titled ‘Love Jihad’ published by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, after which the victim girl changed her mind.

🚩 The advertisement of ‘Tanishq Jewellery’ showed the ceremony of a pregnant Hindu woman’s baby shower in a Muslim family. The woman is shown wearing a traditional saree, bindi and jewelry. An attempt was made to portray the Muslim family as ‘tolerant’. Tanishq removed this advertisement after organized protest by Hindus. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti also had opposed this advt.


Multiple issues, One solution

Hindu Rashtra

Let us make it a reality !


About Love Jihad

‘Love Jihad’ is a waged against non-Muslims all over the world through the medium of deceptive love.’ Many young Hindu girls and women from various fields have been victims of ‘Love Jihad’ and have been cheated. It has been observed through many incidents that they are being severely exploited. Besides Hindu women, even Sikh women from India and abroad have been converted on a large scale due to ‘Love Jihad’ and it is seriously affecting the whole family system of Hindus.

History of Love Jihad


👉🏼 For the past more than 1300 years, Muslims who have had ‘Nikah’ with Hindu girls either through love or by force. Islamic invaders have forcibly converted Hindu women and made them burqa wearing Begums (Wives) or dumped them in their harem.

👉🏼 Pakistan’s secret agency ‘ISI’ began investing money in Bharatiya film industry through the medium of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim since 1990, to create an atmosphere conducive for ‘Love Jihad.

👉🏼 Bollywood film producers create films with a ‘Muslim hero and Hindu heroine’. In these films, love scenes between a Muslim hero and a Hindu heroine are deliberately shown so as to create illicit emotions of love in the minds of Hindu girls. In contrast, if the story of the film depicts a love affair between a Hindu hero and a Muslim heroine, Muslims unite to oppose such a film. 

👉🏼 Hindu actors of the Bollywood film industry like, Sharmila Tagore, Gouri Chibbar, Amruta Singh, Kareena Kapoor have been victims of ‘Love Jihad’ !

Global conspiracy behind ‘Love Jihad’


👉🏼 Converting Hindu girls to Islam and thereby destroying the source of Hindu lineage.

👉🏼 ‘Producing’ multiple offspring after marrying Hindu girls and thus propagating Islamic lineage.

👉🏼 Using Hindu girls for Jihadi activities and arms smuggling after marrying them.

Questions by pseudo-secular media & answers

👉🏼 Hindu young girls and Muslim youth have married in the past also, then why is there so much hue and cry about it now ?

👉🏼 Calling it ‘Love-jihad’, the issue is considered to be communal. But it has nothing to do with religion. It is a matter of love affair and a case can be registered of only cheating.

👉🏼 Are Pro-Hindu organizations and parties politicizing love-jihad ?

👉🏼 Is love-jihad terrorism ?

Unite & Stop Love Jihad

Unite and come forward to thwart the conspiracy of ‘Love Jihad’ and save our cultural heritage by preserving the valuable treasure of Hindu girls.

Precautions to be taken by Hindu girls, women and Hindu parents

Today it has become need of the hour for Hindus to take proper precautions so that Hindu women should not fall prey to this demon of Love Jihad. 

👉🏼 Get help from the Hindus around in a difficult situation, apply kumkum (Saffron) to your forehead !

👉🏼 Keep a safe distance from Jihadi friends or neighbours !

👉🏼 Learn self-defence techniques such as karate, nunchaku etc. to protect yourself from the sex-maniacs !

👉🏼 Impart sanskars of familial, social, cultural and spiritual values mentioned in Hindu Dharma on her mind from childhood itself.

👉🏼 Awaken in her a pride that she is born in a Hindu family and in Bharat.

👉🏼 Explain to her the importance of Hindu culture, Holy texts of Hindu Dharma, history and superiority of Hindu Dharma.

👉🏼 Give her Dharmashikshan, that is, education on philosophy and spiritual traditions of Hindu Dharma and make her a Dharmacharani (One who abides by Dharma)

👉🏼 Tell your daughter about the agonising life of a Jihadi woman !

👉🏼 Introduce your daughter to the dangers of ‘Love Jihad’ !

Legal aspects of registering a complaint against a case of ‘Love Jihad’

👉🏼 Parents of the concerned girl (below 18 years) can complain of forced conversion and/or marriage.

👉🏼 If a woman complains of forced conversion, the conversion is considered illegal and consequently, the ‘Nikah’ is also considered illegal. An accused, regardless of his religion, is punishable.

👉🏼 If a woman goes missing, even the neighbours can register a complaint with the Police.


Love Jihad

Buy a copy today and to save Hindu girls from the Love Jihad trap gift a copy too !

Buy a copy today and to save Hindu girls from the Love Jihad trap gift a copy too !


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