National Issue

Obey High Court order, Impose ban on offering namaz at public places

As per a Bombay High Court order Civil PIL – 173/2010 , the roads are not meant for festivals or prayers but for transportation and pedestrians. However, the Government of Maharashtra has given instructions to all municipal corporations to take stern steps for not allowing only Hindu festivals such as Dahihandi, Ganesh festival etc. to … Read more

Hang Yakub Memon; Make India strong against Terrorism

Strong stand should be taken against terrorism that has plagued India for decades by reject the clemency plea petition lodged in favour of Yakub Memon. Doing so, will light a ray of hope in the minds of those hapless victims of terrorism who look up to the Government to provide them with justice. Read more »

J&K Interlocutors Report : A conspiracy to sever J&K from India

The Home Ministry of the Government of India constituted a 3-member interlocutors group on 13 October 2010 to find a solution to the Jammu-Kashmir issue. The Interlocutors Report is a bundle of contradictions and a part of the international conspiracy to separate Jammu-Kashmir from the rest of nation. Read more »

Respect the National Flag of India

The National Flag is a symbol of the Nation’s respect and pride. There is liberal use of the flag on Independence Day and Republic day. There is a new trend of selling flags made of paper and plastic, which is incorrect. With a sense of national pride, people enthusiastically buy such flags – but the … Read more

Demand to ‘Ban MIM party !’

MIM party has long history of hatred towards Hindus. MIM had advocated the set up of a Muslim dominion rather than integration with India before Independence. In the 1940s, the Razakars, a Muslim paramilitary organisation aimed at sabotaging Hindus in Deccan, was directly linked to the MIM. Read more »

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