Hindu Activists

Bhagini Nivedita

Bhagini Nivedita served India and Hindu Dharma in various capacities. She dedicated her life to understanding Indian culture. Swami Vivekananda lit a spark of devotion in Nivedita and today there is a need to ignite a spark in the youth today. Read more »

Pujya Ramswarup Garg – A Hindu Revivalist

Pujya Ramswarupji was a crusader for ‘Sanatan Dharma’, Hindu culture, Hindu civilisation, Hindu society, Hinduism as a whole and issues and ideals which were Hindu in character. Pujya Ramswarup Garg is perhaps the greatest Hindu intellectual of post-independent Bharat. Read more »

Swami Shraddhanand : A Martyr Hindu Leader !

Swami Shraddhanand was the Hindu leader getting killed by the murderous tradition of the Hindu haters. He was pioneer of re-conversion of converted Muslims in North India. He was killed by a fanatic by name Abdul Rashid on 23rd December 1926. Read more »