Many Saints have said that chanting God’s Name in Kaliyug (Present Era of strife) is the superiormost sadhana (Spiritual practice) and that there is no other alternative. Questions about benefits of chanting God’s Name, how to chant, which ‘Name’ to chant are provided in these articles. Read more »

Spiritual practice according to the Path of Guru’s Grace (Gurukrupāyoga)

In order to be blessed by a Guru, it is necessary to follow few steps for the constant bestowal of His grace, as only by the grace of the Guru can the disciple attain his ultimate benefaction which is spiritual progress. Let us study this article that lists various criteria which we can follow in order to be worthy of a Guru in our lives. Read more »

FAQs related to Gurukrupāyoga

The success of any activity depends upon the functioning of the various components constituting that activity. Just as the hydrogen bomb is more powerful than the atom bomb, so also is the subtle in comparison to the gross. This point will be illustrated by the example of the various methods employed to destroy the enemy, given in this article. Read more »

Path of Guru’s Grace (Gurukrupāyoga)

A foreigner asked a saint, “Could you describe the uniqueness of India as briefly as possible?” The saint responded by saying “The Guru-disciple lineage”. Seekers who have practiced Spirituality through various paths for several years and not progressed beyond a particular spiritual level yearn to attain the Guru’s grace Read more »