Hanuman’s devotion unto Lord Rama is cited as an example of dâsyabhakti (one of the nine types of devotion, an attitude of servitude). He was eveready to sacrifice His life for His master. Even Shivatva
and Brahmatva (attaining the states of Lord Shiva or Lord Brahma respectively) were insignificant to Him when compared with service unto His master. Hanuman is a wonderful blend of a servant and a soldier !

Rangolis that attract and emit Hanuman Principle

Draw sattvik rangolis that attract and emit Hanuman tattva at home or in the temple, before worshipping Hanuman and on Hanuman Jayanti. Fill sattvik colours in it. Due to such rangolis, Hanuman tattva is attracted and emitted into the environment. Read more »

Hanuman Puja vidhi (Ritual) and worship of Lord Hanuman

Maharashtrians consider Saturday as the day of Hanuman whereas in all other places in India it is Tuesday and Saturday. There is a custom of offering oil and sindur (Vermilion) to Hanuman on this day. At some places, the practice of breaking a coconut is a part of the worship. Read more »

Hanuman ko tel, sindur, ruike patte arpan kyon kiya jata hai? (Hindi Article)

पूजाका एक उद्देश्य यह है कि, पूजी जानेवाली मूर्तिमें चैतन्य निर्माण हो व उसका उपयोग हमारी आध्यात्मिक उन्नतिके लिए हो । तेल, सिंदूर, रुईके पत्तोंमें हनुमानके पवित्रक आकर्षित करनेकी क्षमता सर्वाधिक है; इसी करण हनुमानको यह सामग्री अर्पित करते हैं । Read more »