Spiritual Emotion

Components, Importance and Types of bhav (Spiritual emotion)

Majority of seekers believe that bhāv is automatically generated by doing sādhanā (Spiritual practice). Although this is not theoretically incorrect, it cannot be guaranteed that this process will occur easily in everyone. In the following article the components of bhāv and the importance and types of bhāv have been given. Read more »

What is Bhav (Spiritual Emotion) ?

In this article definition and meaning of bhav are explained. Bhav is replacement of the ‘I’ in one’s life by the awareness of the existence of God or the Guru with equal intensity. Read more »

Efforts for Awakening Bhav (Spiritual emotion)

Saint Tukaram Maharaj says in one of His hymns, “A devotee’s duty is to have singular bhav towards God. The true secret of devotion is to have this bhav with a firm resolve constantly. Devotees should have firm faith in God, without expecting anything in return. They should not wish for the support of anyone else. God should be their sole support. Read more »