Arogya Sahayya Samiti

A Wing of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Arogya Sahayya Samiti is an association of patriotic and devout Hindu Doctors, Vaidyas, and other healthcare professionals. Established in June 2018 as an outcome of the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan, the organisation derives its inspiration from Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athavale, a proponent of the Hindu Rashtra. The Arogya Sahayya Samiti’s goal is to provide an opportunity to the Hindu brethren in medicine to serve the Nation & Dharma as their sadhana (spiritual practice).

Goals of Arogya Sahayya Samiti

Provide immediate medical aid to victims of life-threatening calamities such as a war, floods, etc.

Create awareness in the layman, initiate legal recourse against malpractices in medicine.

Connect the healthcare fraternity to contribute to nation-building activities of the organisation.

Stop malpractices in medicine

Commonly observed malpractices

Commissions handed out as kickbacks for referring scans and tests (cut practice)

Refusing urgent care to incoming patients without being paid an advance amount

Forcing patients to opt for expensive medicines and medical equipment for kickbacks

Reusing single-use equipment like syringes, catheters, etc. and billing patients for new equipment

Tricking patients into illegal organ harvesting / trafficking for monetary gains

Keeping relatives of a dead patient in the dark to pile up ICU and hospital fees

Healthcare professionals,

this is your opportunity to serve

Nation & Dharma

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[email protected]

This is how you can create an impact

Organise meetups with members of the medical fraternity, introduce them to Arogya Sahayya Samiti

Help organise lectures for the common man on overcoming public health challenges

Participate or organise free ‘First-aid training camps’ in association with the Arogya Sahayya Samiti

Learn, practice, and teach complementary treatment methods such as Acupressure, Pranashakti flow

Donate money, medicines, and medical equipment to help the Arogya Sahayya Samiti’s activities

Participate or organise diagnostic camps, eye camps, distribution of essentials to the underprivileged

Arogya Sahayya Samiti’s Drive Against Medical Malpractice

Patients and their families repose trust in the medical professionals. So the medical fraternity’s primary duty is to live up to the trust. There are numerous legal provisions to ensure optimal care and guidance to the patients. Yet, the Arogya Sahayya Samiti has found lapses in the healthcare industry. Some instances where the Arogya Sahayya Samiti has been instrumental in bringing medical malpractice to light and ensured that the authorities take note of it. The Arogya Sahayya Samiti petitioned the Courts, filed RTI queries, complained to the Food and Drugs Administration, and even filed a memorandum with the Union Health Ministry against below malpractices.

Govt-aided hospitals failed to reserve beds for the economically disadvantaged groups.

Hospitals failed to apprise the patients of the Govt-schemes through visible informative boards.

Mis-management of biomedical waste by hospitals, laxity in following regulations

Degraded medicines due to poor practices by the pharma industry

Kickbacks to doctors and hospitals by an orthopedic implant manufacturer

Blood banks selling blood for rates much higher than the Govt. mandate

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