Goddess Durga

Having spiritual information on a Deity helps in increasing faith towards the Deity. Due to faith worship is performed with bhav (Spiritual emotion) which is more fruitful. Those who worship Shakti and those who perform sectarian spiritual practice will certainly benefit from this spiritual information.

Seats of Shakti (Shakti-peeth)

The Shakti manifests in three forms in the universe, namely Iccha-shakti (Will), Kriya-shakti (Action) and Dnyan-shakti (Knowledge). The ‘Complete Shakti-peeth’ functions either on Iccha, Kriya or Dnyan Shakti. Mahur, Tuljapur and Kolhapur are independent or complete Shakti-peeths.

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Shakti Worship

This article elucidates various aspects such as the characteristics of Shakti worship, appropriate actions in Shakti worship, etc. This elucidation will go a long way in strengthening the faith of the worshipper in Shakti worship. The worship performed with faith begets more benefits.

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Shakti associated with Shiva – Parvati

Parvati is not just a part of the retinue, but is the consort of Shiva. She acquired the name Shakti in the Shaiva doctrine and thus the union of Shiva and Shakti was established. Shakti resides in the heart of Shiva and vice versa. Just as the moon and its light are inseparable, so are Shiva and Shakti.

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