Children’s Jewelry


        Ornaments are an invaluable inheritance of the Hindu culture. They have been preserved with pride for generations. They are not merely objects for display or deriving pleasure. Wearing ornaments allows us to receive Shakti (Divine Energy) and Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness), reduces the black (negative) energy in the body, protects from negative energy attacks, and the parts of the body where ornaments are worn are subjected to spiritual healing similar to acupressure. Let us understand how making children wear specific ornaments imparts them spiritual benefit.

1. Reasons for making children wear ornaments

        When a child is born, its subtle sense organs are active to some extent. However, its motor-organs are under-developed. As the child grows, its subtle-motor-organs also begin to get awakened. If a child who has a good spiritual level grows up in a spiritual environment, there is every likelihood of an early awakening of its subtle-motor-organs. To prevent subtle attacks of the negative energies on the children because of their under-developed motor-organs, and to create a protective sheath of Chaitanya around them, children are made to wear ornaments like earrings, bracelet, etc. As the child grows, so do its subtle-motor-organs. Grown up men are not required to wear all the ornaments.

2. Protection from the attacks of negative energies, through the medium of tiger claw worn as a locket in a chain

        A tiger claw represents the marak (Destroyer) form of the Tej-tattva (Absolute Fire Principle). Since impressions on the subconscious mind of young children are comparatively less when compared with adults, they have a greater ability to imbibe the subtle-waves from the atmosphere. Besides, children are incapable of undertaking spiritual practice on their own. In addition, their hypersensitivity makes them prone to quicker attacks of negative energies from the atmosphere. Hence, to protect them, a tiger claw that emits marak waves in Tej form is tied to the chain around their neck as children’s jewelry . This claw creates a protective environment of Tej around the child and protects it from the danger of an attack from negative energies in the environment.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text titled “Science of Ornaments”

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