Varna system

Varṇashramvyavastha (System of Classes and Stages of life) was the foundation of the Bharatiya society. The objective of Varṇashramvyavastha was to bring about progress in personal life through ashramvyavastha (Stages of life) and to unite and bring about the progress of the society through Varṇavyavastha (System of Classes). It is because of this system that for thousands of years, life in Bharatiya society remained stable.

Why is humility a mandatory attribute for Brahman class?

The Brahman’s duty is to impart knowledge to the society and to guide
others spiritually along with achieving its own spiritual progress. Service cannot be done without humility and total surrender. No matter how great a Brahman is if mentally he does not become humble then he cannot attain the universality of a Sadguru. Read more »

To whom should the offering be made?

The offering should always be to the Absolute Truth. Saints and Gurus are the manifest forms of the unmanifest God. Hence, any offering made unto saints and the Guru is as good as an offering to God Himself. Read more »