Shri Ram

When Ram returned victorious to Ayodhya with Sita after slaying Ravan and conquering Lanka, revealing that He was indeed God incarnate, He was called Shriram by the residents of Ayodhya. In the Valmiki Ramayaṇ, Ram is referred to as ‘Narapungav’ (The Supreme Man) and not as God.

Shriramraksha stotra ke nitya pathan se kya labh hota hai? (Hindi Article)

जिस स्तोत्रका पाठ करनेवालोंका श्रीरामद्वारा रक्षण होता है, वह स्तोत्र है श्रीरामरक्षास्तोत्र । जो इस स्तोत्रका पाठ करेगा वह दीर्घायु, सुखी, संततिवान, विजयी तथा विनयसंपन्न होगा’, ऐसी फलश्रुति इस स्तोत्रमें बताई गई है । Read more »

Worship of Shriram

Chant the Names Rama and Sree Rama each for two minutes and record your spiritual experiences, that is note with which Name you feel pleasant or distressed. Read more »