Cleaning Jewelry in Gross and its Subtle Purification

8-Purification-of-ornaments        Gold ornaments were created to provide protection to the extent of at least 10% from negative energies to the individual not performing any spiritual practice. Since the negative energies first attack the ornaments, the average individual is naturally protected from the direct impact of the attack. In addition, if the ornaments get charged with Raja-Tama, they can be taken off, purified and used again. How adorning ornaments after applying Vibhuti (Sacred ash), instead of adorning them without applying Vibhuti proves to be more useful, will be clear through this article. This also helps realize the importance of purifying ornament.

1. Gross purification – Cleaning jewelry physically

        Keeping the ornaments immersed in a solution of ritha (Soap-nut) water : Gold or silver ornaments should be immersed in a solution of ritha for five minutes. Thereafter, when lightly rubbed, the dust and dirt collected on them will be cleared and they will become clean.

2. Subtle purification

        These days, almost everyone is affected by negative energies to some extent. Black energy is stocked in the ornaments worn by the people affected by negative energies. This black energy begins to get transmitted to the body of that individual. In addition, because of this black energy, the body-part on which the ornament is worn may experience pain. Therefore, if one feels uncomfortable looking at ornaments or if distress is felt upon wearing them, then depending on the severity of the distress, the ornaments should be purified using the tattvas (Principles) mentioned ahead.

  • Tēj-tattva (Absolute Fire Principle) : Apply Vibhuti to the ornaments from all the sides.

  • Vayu-tattva (Absolute Air Principle) : Either blow Vibhuti on the ornaments, or allow the smoke of incense sticks to touch them.

  • Akash-tattva (Absolute Ether Principle) : Keep the ornaments in an empty box(Note 1), or play His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj’s bhajans (Devotional songs)(Note 2) near them.

Note 1 An empty box has a void. A void represents nirguṇ (Non-materialised)-tattva. The black energy is destroyed because of nirgun-tattva.

Note 2 His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj is Sanatan Sanstha’s source of Inspiration. These bhajans have been written, composed and sung by a Saint of supreme level like His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj Himself. Therefore, besides having the energies of words and sound, the bhajans also have Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness), and hence, the black energy present in the ornaments is driven away.

 A. Purification by application of Vibhuti

  • Benefit of wearing ornaments after application of Vibhuti

        Simple wearing of ornaments certainly reduces the black energy present in the body of an individual; however, when Vibhuti is applied to the ornaments and then worn, the black energy is reduced further till the effect of Vibhuti lasts. Besides, the force of the negative energies troubling the individual also reduces.

  • Time required for purification of ornaments affected by a negative energy

        If the ornaments affected by negative energies are taken off and kept aside, the benefit derived will be to the extent of 10 %. If they are smeared with a coat of Vibhuti and kept aside, the sheath around them will weaken in 15 days. If ornaments are simply taken off and placed aside, the black energy in them will be reduced over a period of three months.

B. Purification because of the remedies-box

  • Keeping ornaments in an empty box (hereafter referred to as a ‘remedies-box’)

        When our ornaments are kept in a remedies-box, we are also subjected to spiritual healing. It is perceived that there is building up of black covering when ornaments were kept outside the remedies-box, so also when they are not worn.

  • Destruction of black energy in the ornaments when kept in the remedies-box

        When an individual uses a set of ornaments, its energy (meaning the vibrations) descends into the ornaments. When the ornaments were kept in the remedies-box, the individual to whom the ornaments belong is subjected to spiritual healing, until elimination of the black energy in them. When the black energy is destroyed, the effect of spiritual healing is not perceived by the individual and it is perceived only up to a certain stage. Similarly, there is no increase in the distress suffered by the individual. This denotes reduction of black energy in the ornaments. When the ornaments are worn again after reduction in their black energy, it was perceived that the Chaitanya is transmitted through them in greater proportion and with greater speed, thus making their wearing more beneficial. 

C. Purification by fire

        Sometimes old gold or silver ornaments are broken-up to make new ones. To do so, the metal is melted over fire and that, in a way, is purification of the metal by fire.

Reference : Sanatan’s Sanstha Holy Text titled “Science of Ornaments”

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