Indian Science

History of Indian Science

Indian literature provides us with considerable layered evidence related to the development of science. The chronological time frame for this history is provided by the archaeological record which has been traced in an unbroken tradition to about 7000 BC. Prior to this we have records of rock paintings that are believed to be as old as 40000 BC. Read more »

Ancient Indian medicine and alternative therapeutic practices

Alternative therapies refer to a broad group of natural and spiritual healing methods that are different than the conventional western medicine (or pharmaceutical medicine). A few examples are Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, etc. Though Ayurveda is perhaps 5,000 years old, the West has finally woken up now to the possibilities of its efficacy. Read more »

Indian Astronomy Through Ages

Astronomy, the study of celestial phenomena, has played a major role in all aspects of life in India. This interesting article by Rajesh Kochhar, the famous astronomer and Indologist, will give a fair glimpse of the evolution of Indian astronomy. Read more »