HJS Activities

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’ (HJS) was established on 7th October 2002. In the last 12 years, HJS has successfully launched five activities – Education on Dharma, Awakening of Dharma, Protection of Dharma, Protection of the Nation and Uniting Hindus.

Awareness Campaigns

  • Nepal earthquake relief work : HJS to help in...

  • Assam Violence – Appeal for help for victims in Assam

Online Signature Drives

  • Provide security and firearm license to Shri. T Raja...

  • Shivaji Maharaj’s insult will not be tolerated : Ramesh...

Recent Denigrations

  • Protest against denigration of Hindu Deities by Laxmans Art...

  • Online shopping portal Prema designs denigrates Hindu Deities by...

Successful Campaigns

  • JNU Kashmiri Hindu event held successfully despite protest by...

  • HJS effect : Amazon stops selling ‘Indian Flag shoes’

Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha

  • Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held successfully at Katarasgad (Jharkhand)

  • Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held at Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Rashtreeya Hindu Andolan

  • Rashtriya Hindu Andolan staged demonstrations at Valpoi (Goa)

  • Representation submitted in Gujarat, Telangana to prevent malpractices on...

Hindu Adhiveshan


4th All India Hindu Convention



 History Exibitions Organised By HJS


2Dharmashiksha Classes


hindu_dharmajagruti_sabhaDharmajagruti Sabha