Significance of Gold, Other metals and Gemstones used in making ornaments


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        Ornaments are an invaluable inheritance of the Hindu culture. They have been preserved with pride for generations. They are not merely objects for display or deriving pleasure. Wearing ornaments allows us to receive Shakti (Divine Energy) and Chaitanya (Divine consciousness), reduces the black (negative) energy in the body, protects from negative energy attacks, and the parts of the body where ornaments are worn are subjected to spiritual healing similar to acupressure. Let us understand significance of the metal and gem stones used in making the ornaments and their spiritual benefit.

1. Importance of using metals for making ornaments

        It is assumed from the ancient times, that the main benefit of using metals for making ornaments is to get protection from ghosts, and to be graced by Deities. It is because of this fact that the tradition of wearing copper ornaments existed in the ancient times. Even today, copper anklets are worn by young children.

2. Significance of Gold ornaments

A. Spiritual significance of gold

  • Gold destroys harmful germs in the body. – Brahmangranth

  • Gold is the most sattvik (Sattva-predominant) amongst all the metals.

  • Gold is a metal that imbibes sattvik and Chaitanya enriched waves and emits them into the atmosphere with equal speed. Gold also leads in preserving Chaitanya enriched waves in the form of Tej-tattva (Absolute Fire Principle). Hence, an individual who wears gold ornaments receives the benefit of sattvikta and Chaitanya.

B. Subtle knowledge regarding gold ornaments

  • Mostly, ornaments are made of gold. It is a metal predominant in Tej, meaning, it is a donor of Tej-tattva, and hence, the Tej waves transmitted from it activate the Suryanadi (The sun channel) in the body of the woman. Based on that, the Shakti-tattva (Energy Principle) in a woman gets activated and protects the entire family.

  • Even if attacked by more powerful negative energies because of wearing gold ornaments, the ensuing spiritual practice ensures protection. Whatever be the level of Chaitanya the gold ornaments are endowed with, there also exist negative energies in the atmosphere that resist this Chaitanya. As an effect of the subtle battle between negative energies and gold, an average individual can get distressed to the extent of 10 percent; but if the individual is performing spiritual practice, it develops the ability to sustain the effects of the subtle battle. Depending on its bhav (Spiritual emotion), the individual can use the ornaments like a weapon, and can increase the self-protection capacity up to 30 percent.

3. Silver ornaments

        It is best to wear ornaments made of gold. If that is not possible, wear silver ornaments. An individual who wears silver ornaments gets Chaitanya too.

4. Comparison of ornaments made from gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals

Gold Siver Brass Copper Other metals (Note 1)
1. Component Sattva More of RajaSattva RajaSattva RajaTama Tama
2. Principle Tej Apa (Absolute Water Principle) -Less Tej ApaTej ApaPruthvi (Absolute Earth Principle) Pruthvi
3. Capacity to imbibe/transmit To imbibe and transmit Chaitanya To transmit Chaitanya When compared with Gold, capacity to imbibe and transmit is less When compared with capacity to imbibe, capacity to transmit is little Both the capacities are less and ability to imbibe black energy is high
 4. Activity  Gold ornaments generate a protective sheath around the body, thus ensuring protection from negative energies Proportion of generation of a protective sheath around the body is less; however, the Raja attributed Chaitanya emitted from time to time protects the body from negative energies Since the ability to protect when compared with gold is less, negative energies can bring about black sheath on copper Since the transmission capacity is less, the capacity to protect is also less Has the ability to concentrate black energy and hence wearing ornaments made from such metals gives rise to possibility of negative energies entering the body
5. Proportion of interference from mantriks (Note 2) (%) 10 20 20 30 50
6. Effect on the individual wearing the ornaments Body and the mind, both remain sound and joyous A. Contact with the Raja component imparts speed to the activity and capability to carry out the task enhances
B. Soul energy getting activated due to the contact
Body heat reduces, leading to control on the body temperature As the property of stretching is less and since the inertia is higher when compared with gold, it can impose restrictions on the movements Greater possibility of distress due to the negative energies due to attraction of the Raja-Tama from the atmosphere and formation of a black sheath on the body

Note 1 – Iron, zinc and bronze

Note 2 – ‘Mantrik’ (A subtle-sorcerer) is a powerful demoniacal energy. The inherent mission of demoniacal energies is to create obstacles in a constructive activity. When metals are used for constructive activity, what is the extent of interference of demoniacal energies, is given here.

5. Waves attracted to ornaments made from gold, pearl and diamonds

Types of ornaments Waves attracted
Knowledge given by ‘A Scholar’(Note 1) Knowledge given by ‘God’ (Note 2)
1. Gold ornaments Waves endowed with Tej Principle Waves of God endowed with Tej Principle
2. Pearl ornaments Prominence of Apa Principle and fractional waves endowed with Tej Principle Divine waves endowed with Vayu and Tej
3. Diamond ornaments Waves endowed with Pruthvi and Tej Principles (Note 3) Manifest Shakti and Divine waves endowed with Tej Principle

Note 1 Through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 16th November 2007, 11.28 a.m.

Note 2 Through the medium of Ms. Madhura Bhosale.

Note 3 Diamond has greater ability of attracting and concentrating Tej-tattva at the level of Shakti, than emitting it; but when compared with all other metals, gold has the maximum ability to imbibe and emit Tej-tattva.

6. Gems embedded in ornaments have a favourable effect on the physical body

        Various gems such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, coral and emerald are embedded in gold and silver ornaments. The body acquires radiance due to these gems. The rays coming from the Sun, Moon and other planets are reflected from these gems with a favourable effect on the physical body. Currently, since these gems are artificially made, their true effect is not seen.

Effect on the physical body, of different gems embedded in ornaments

A. Ruby : It is an energy donor and therefore capable of providing protection to the gross body.

B. Diamond : Since the Tej emitted from a diamond has the ability to keep consistency in mobility of the flow, it can purify the physical as well as the mental body in a shorter time.

C. Coral : Since Coral kindles the chetana in the form of prana-shakti (Vital energy) Principle in the body on a large scale, it is used as a symbol of the ‘ability to act’. Its touch increases the enthusiasm in an act.

D. Pearl : It is a symbol of tarak (Saviour) character that is in coolness form, and Apa-tattva oriented. Hence, the individual is blessed with alertness and joyousness in the form of continuously active chetana.

E. Emerald : It is a symbol of the tarak character, meaning, concentration of tarak character in Shakti form. Hence, it is used for keeping a consistency in the unmanifest Shakti Principle.

7. Association between metals or gems used in ornaments and bhav

        Metals or gems used in ornaments attract divinity representing waves with the aid of the five Cosmic Elements, proportionate to the shape formed as per the science of ornaments and transmit them as per the need of the wearer.

  • Importance of bhav : Whatever be the type of ornaments worn by the individual, only if it has bhav towards the ornaments, will they be helpful to it in getting maximum benefit through the medium of divinity with the help of the respective Cosmic Principle.

  • More important than the Deity Principle the metals or gems are associated with, is which of the five Cosmic Principles they are associated with.

  • Contact with gold benefits an individual at the level of Tej, depending on the bhav it carries for the Principle of the respective Deity in its antahkaran.

  • Silver accelerates the speed of a task with the help of the Raja

  • Pearl responds to an individual at the level of Apa-tattva.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text, ‘Science of Ornaments

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