Knowledge of the spiritual science-based information pertaining to a Deity helps increase the faith in that Deity. Faith helps induce bhāv in the ritualistic worship, and worship done with bhav is always more fruitful. Hence, spiritual information about implied meaning of the principal Names of Sri Gaṇapati; various functions and specialities of Gaṇapati such as the interpreter of language of light spoken by Deities into language of sound of the humans, the augmenter of vital energy in our body etc is given here.

Significance of offering durva to Shri Ganapati

Durva, a sacred grass, has special significance in the ritualistic worship of Shri Ganapati. This article explains reasons for offering durva to Shri Ganapati, what should the durva be like, what should be the number of durva offered, method of offering durva etc. Read more »

Meaning of some Shri Ganesh Names

Sage Mudgal has written the Ganeshasahastranam containing the thousand Names of Shri Ganapati. The Dwadashanam shloka (Verse) contains the twelve Names of Shri Ganapati. This article explains meaning of some Shri Ganesh names. Also it states various Shri Ganesh names in different regions of the world. Read more »

Ganesh Avatars as per Eras (Incarnations of Shri Ganapati)

Each Deity is a Principle. This Principle exists for Eras together. The Principle of a Deity takes sagun (Materialised) form as per the requirement of that particular Era; Depending on the requirements of the Era, which Incarnations of Shri Ganapati have taken place is given in this article. Read more »

Variations in the Idol of Shri Ganesh

The sculpture of Shri Ganapati is given in the Shri Ganapatyatharvashirsha. This article explains the sculpture of Shri Ganesh, the variations found in the Idols of Shri Ganesh and the implied meaning of various parts of the Idol. Read more »

Frequently asked questions on Shri Ganesh worship

Various frequently asked questions like, reason for worshipping Shri Ganesh before a puja (Ritualistic worship) or before commencing any auspicious task, reason behind not offering tulsi (Holy basil) leaves to Shri Ganesh, etc related to ritualistic worship of Shri Ganesh and Ganesh Chaturthi are explained in this article. Read more »

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