Towards Establishment Of Hindu Rashtra

Concept Of Hindu Rashtra

Hindu_Rashtra_325Today we have a secular Government in Bharat, and as a result, we find that sorrow, poverty and misdemeanours are on the rise everywhere. Establishing a form of governance that has Dharma as its foundation, meaning, establishing the Hindu Nation, has become the need of the hour. Sanatan Hindu Dharma teaches how to imbibe the highest values. It is a Dharma with indigenous tolerance. Therefore, it is benevolent for the world.​

Establishing Hindu Rashtra

FAQs on Hindu Rashtra

Awareness_320‘Hindu Rashtra’ will prevail on earth, making the whole of mankind happy

Role Of HJS

HJS_is_doing_320‘Awakening Dharma and Uniting Hindus’ for Individual Spiritual Progress

How can you Contribute

mashal_320Contribution for reinstating Dharma is very much a duty unto Dharma

Importance of Sadhana

Shudhhikaran_640Importance of proactive Hindus developing Brahmatej in themselves

Videos about concept of Hindu Rashtra and our contribution for it !