Hindu Rashtra – A nation for the welfare of the world

Hindu Rashtra. This is our identity. It is the emotion that drives us. Hindu Rashtra is not a narrow-minded concept that denotes a geographical boundary. It includes the culture, civilisation, tradition, history, religion, literature, art, and politics of the people of this nation. Hindu Rashtra is not merely a religious or political concept. It is an ideal socio-religious-economic system. Honesty, efficiency and justice are the hallmarks of the Hindu Rashtra. This is the Hindu Rashtra we envision. The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has been the torchbearer in this mission to establish the Hindu Rashtra. Achieving this goal is not a small feat and requires the wholehearted participation of every Hindu. We invite you to become a part of this journey to establish Hindu Rashtra where there will be peace and prosperity not just for Hindus, but for all of mankind.

Why Hindu Rashtra ?

For centuries the Nation & Dharma have been under a continuous onslaught of external and internal Adharmik forces. These onslaughts have manifested in religious-intellectual-cultural-economical bankruptcy of a nation that once was the Vishwaguru. This nation has unmatched worldly and spiritual eminence due to the Dharmik tenets followed since time immemorial. Yet, today’s pitiable state is due to us alienating ourselves from our Dharmik roots. This has robbed us of the necessary spiritual and physical power required to counter this onslaught.

The Hindu Rashtra will have a Dharma-driven socio-religious system that will emancipate every living being. The importance of emancipation can be understood from the word Hindu – A Hindu is defined as a person who seeks to liberate themself from baser instincts and turn towards Sattvikata, and in turn, eternal Bliss. So a nation with an atmosphere conducive to such an endeavour will benefit not just the Hindus, but every single citizen of the nation, and in turn, of the world.

Why does HJS advocate spirituality?

The mission of establishing the Hindu Rashtra will require physical and spiritual prowess. Physical prowess can only counter physical challenges, but spiritual prowess can counter spiritual and physical challenges. While physical prowess can be achieved fairly quickly, developing spiritual prowess takes time and Divine benevolence.

Practicing spirituality will increase the Sattva component while also decreasing the spiritual pollution caused by Raja and Tama. Thus the citizens as well as the rulers will gain the necessary spiritual prowess to establish Hindu Rashtra. This in turn will create a spiritually pure atmosphere where every action will be spiritualised, be it administration or education. Such a spiritual society will naturally strive for the emancipation of one and all.

We are blessed to have the spiritual backing of Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale and numerous other Saints from various spiritual paths. HJS considers this as a mission of reinstating Dharma. Hence participating in the mission to establish the Hindu Rashtra will be a means of spiritual emancipation for everyone involved.

What you can do ?


Provide free legal assistance and expertise in legal battles for Hindu causes


Provide regular financial assistance to Hindu organisations or activists


Use your reach to popularise the importance of establishing Hindu Rashtra


Prepare nationalist future generations by inculcating patriotism and moral values in your wards

Temple Trustees

Equip your temples to be centres to educate, practice & propagate Hindu Dharma

Govt officials

Identify redressal measures to administrative shortcomings for the future Hindu Rashtra

Social Media Influencers

Campaign for the cause of Hindu Rashtra in your network, dispel myths and popularise the idea

Hindu Organisations

Unite & focus your organisational energy towards the common goal of establishing Hindu Rashtra

Saints & Spiritual Leaders

Guide your followers to treat the establishment of Hindu Rashtra as a part of their spiritual practice







I am a proud Hindu and I pledge to…

Chant the Name of my Kuldevta or Ishtdevta for an hour every day

Pray every day that the Hindu Rashtra is established

Greet everyone with ‘Namaste’ or ‘Jai Shree Ram’

Proudly sport a tilak or kumkum on my forehead

Regularly go to temples nearby to obtain darshan

Celebrate Birthdays in my family as per the Hindu Panchang

Donate to organisations working to establish the Hindu Rashtra

Organise lectures to educate my family and friends on Dharma

Organise Balsanskar varg to mould nationalist & Dharmik children

Organise exhibitions to awaken my fellow Hindus to their duty

Sponsor & distribute books on topics of National & Dharmik importance

Sponsor & distribute pamphlets on topics of National & Dharmik importance

Set up and regularly update informative boards to create awareness

Utilise my social media group to share posts of National & Dharmik importance

Learn self defense to protect my family and community

Let’s build Hindu Rashtra in one self and be a proud Hindu Rashtra Veer !

Journey towards Hindu Rashtra

Join us on a visual journey of HJS’ march towards Hindu Rashtra !


The rulers in Hindu Rashtra will be abiding by Dharma, they will be sattvik, striving for the welfare of their subjects, selfless and fatherly. They will make every effort to see that their subjects abide by Dharma. People will elect only appropriate and eligible representatives to rule the Nation. The state level decision will be taken by judging its appropriateness and need and not through majority votes. It will have transparency.

Whenever the subject of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ arises, the so called secularists ask a useless question – ‘What will be the fate of minorities in the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ ?’ Actually, minorities should have been disturbed by this question; however, they are not. They keep announcing, ‘We took over Pakistan with a smile, we shall take over Hindustan through force’. Of course, this question too has an apt answer. In the forthcoming ‘Hindu Rashtra’, not just the minorities, but every sect will be treated the same way as they were treated during Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s rule. With the rising of the sun, darkness and foul odour are automatically dispelled. No one tells darkness or foul odour that the sun is rising, so dissolve. Similarly, darkness and foul odour in the form of various problems, will be eliminated immediately with the advent of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’. All problems that India faces currently will be solved by the pious rulers, and all citizens will become happy because of righteous conduct.

There is widespread invasion of western practices on the overall behaviour and thoughts, diet, hairstyle, clothing fashions of Hindus. As a result, the extent of immoral behaviour, addiction, unrighteous conducts, etc. in the Hindu society is on the rise. Rulers of all political parties do not have pride in Hindu culture. Cultural conversion of Hindus is a culmination of this lack of pride. Culture is truly the character of a Nation. Hindu culture is Sattva predominant; hence, it makes the Nation righteous and ideal. On the other hand, the western culture and lifestyle is Raja-Tama predominant; hence, it makes a citizen, and in turn the Nation unrighteous. Therefore, it is in their own interest that citizens distance themselves from western practices. Such acts by Bharatiyas amount to journeying back to cultural slavery. With the introduction of Spirituality and dharma in school curriculums this trend will change and Bharatiya Hindu culture will be re-established.

Eight lakh Hindus are being converted annually through enticement, conspiracies, coercions etc. With ambitions to convert Bharat into an undivided Islamistan or to make Bharat a Christian Nation. Muslim clerics and Christians missionaries respectively are active in the country. Since the Bharatiya rulers completely lack pride in Dharma, there are no restrictions on these fanatical preachers. USA, Germany, UK, Italy and Netherlands are funding the activities of religious conversions in Bharat. Fanatics are making use of ‘Love Jihad’. They make Hindu girls fall in love with them; convert them to Islam so that their children are Muslims. Then they leave the girl and repeat the same process with another girl. The Hindu Rashtra will pass strict laws to ban all religious conversions as well as put a stop to the cancer of ‘Love Jihad’.

The highest common objective of all Hindu organisations throughout Bharat has been the establishment of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Further, daily activities of all Hindu organisations have been directed towards the welfare of the society, Nation and Dharma. Despite this common objective, achieving the goal looked like a distant proposition. The only reason for this is the lack of unity among Hindus and Hindu organisations. Therefore, no one has been able to see the manifestation of the power of the unity of Hindutva. If all Hindu organizations get united and strive towards their common goal, the dream of Hindu Rashtra can soon turn into reality.

A. Subtle dimension will be included in the judicial process. The laws will take care of Hindu interests.

B. Religious conversions will be declared unlawful.

C. Policemen will be such that the subjects will look up to them for support. They will have virtues of devotion unto the Nation and Dharma.

D. There will be no reservations (backward class and minorities) for education or government jobs. All selections will be on open merit.

E. In the Hindu Rashtra, output of administration will be evaluated.

F. The borders of the Nation will be secure. Stringent laws will be passed to keep infiltrations in check. Separatist policies will be eliminated. The security of the citizens will be given priority.

G. The economy will be based on Kautilya’s economics. The taxes will not fleece the masses. Every decision will be transparent.

H. Indigenous products will be in use. The farmers will produce only those products that are conducive to National progress.

I. An ideal Gurukul system of education will be implemented. Dharmashikshan (Education on Righteousness) will be commenced at the school level itself to make the future generations rich in moral values. The glorious history of ancient Bharat will be rewritten. History that is true, that which will awaken devotion unto the Nation and Kshatratej will be taught in schools. Stress will be given on pride in native language and nurturing Sanskrut language.

J. Names of Deities, Saints, Sages will be given to the public places. ‘Teachers’ Day’ will be on Gurupaurnima, ‘Health Day’ on Dhanwantary Jayanti, ‘Arts Day’ on Mahashivaratri (Dance and music originated from Shiva) and ‘Justice Day’ on Yamadwitiya.

K. The pivotal point of societal well-being will be Dharma; not law. This will make the society ethical, virtuous, patriotic and law-abiding.

L. There will not be any strikes, protests, rallies etc.

M. Ayurveda will receive an official status and will be nurtured. Sattvik food will be promoted.

N. The temple management will be handed over to real devotees. The quality of the festivals and fairs of the Deities will be enhanced so that the devotees will get spiritual benefits.

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