Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabha

Mass movement to mobilize Hindus across the Nation

Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabha

Sabhas organized all across India since 2007
Hindus mobilized for the mission of establishing Hindu Rashtra

The purpose of these Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabhas is to unite ordinary Hindus, Hindu organisations and various sects to get India declared as a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabhas spread awareness about the political, cultural and social onslaught on Hindus and Hinduism. The Sabhas kindle the spark of love towards Dharma and the Nation. This spark should then become a roaring fire of intense activism in the form of concrete and organised steps for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra. Hindus should make a firm resolve to participate in this great Yajna of Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabhas which accord an opportunity to fulfil your duty towards Dharma and the Nation. 

Multiple issues, One solution

Hindu Rashtra

Let us make it a reality !

Upcoming Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Sabha

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Outcome of Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabhas

? Providing a unified platform for raising local and national level issues regarding Nation & Dharma

? Helping Hindus shed petty differences and unite in every village

? Reviving Dharmik & Cultural ethos

? Channelling youth-power in nation-building exercises

? Kindling the dormant desire for Hindu Rashtra in Hindu Organizations

These Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabhas by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti are instrumental in strengthening the unity of Hindus. This coming together of Hindus who were hitherto divided on caste, community and ideological lines is nothing short of a miracle!