Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabha

Movement towards establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ through Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabhas !

In spite of having achieved Independence, we do not have a single original/ indigenous (Hindu) system in the country. If none of the major systems, namely, the judicial system, education system, economic system or political system is indigenous, how can we consider ourselves ‘independent’ ? The ‘Hindu Nation’ is needed to make India truly independent. If 8.5 million Jews can have a ‘Jew Nation’, namely, Israel, why cannot 1000 million Hindus form a Hindu Nation ? The Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabhas are being organised to explain our role (peoples’ role) in ushering in the Hindu Nation through constitutional means.

1. Why 1250 million Hindus do not have a single nation for themselves in the world ?

‘Hindu Nation’ ! A phrase coined and repeatedly used by Swatantryaveer Savarkar which has been forgotten after achieving independence ! India which is a Hindu Nation by nature became ‘secular’ after independence. According to one statistics, there are 157 nations for Christians, 52 for Muslims, 12 for Buddhists and 1 for Jews. However, Hindus whose population is 1250 million do not have a single nation for themselves. The concept of the Hindu Nation which was propounded during the freedom struggle was dissolved in the ‘secular’ political system set up by the Congress party after the independence because Congress tried to implement a single point program of appeasement of minorities and destruction of Hindu Dharma and culture, in order to strengthen its vote-bank . It cannot be denied that the above policy has resulted in dire consequences for Hindus or it can be said that Hindus are receiving unfair and step-motherly treatment in their own country.

After partition, the Muslims got Pakistan. What did the Hindus get ? ‘Secular’ Governments take control of Hindu temples, use the donations thereof for the benefit of other communities, apply taxes on pilgrimages such as the Kumbh Mela. How long should we tolerate this ? In the name of secularism, what is actually being practiced is appeasement of minorities.

2. The nation-wide, impregnable organisation of ordinary Hindus and

devout Hindu organisations which have emerged through Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas !

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has successfully organised 1460 rallies across different States at District and village level over last 16 years to spread awareness about the onslaught on Hindus (and Hinduism) and to unite the Hindus by awakening the flame of love towards their Dharma and the Nation.

The rallies have helped in highlighting the local issues and providing a platform for raising a voice against the onslaught on Dharma and the Nation. Hindus have shed their petty differences and come together in the village after village. Youth have given up addictions, started moulding their conduct in accordance with Dharma, and some of them have dedicated themselves to nation-building. Many devout Hindu organisations have rekindled their yearning for the ‘Hindu Nation’. What else could Hindu JanajagrutiSamiti which is striving for establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ have asked for? The natural awareness and thought of ‘Hindutva’ are being strengthened due to the unity of Hindus which in turn is the result of the tireless efforts by the Samiti and various campaigns it has carried out with the help of other devout Hindu organisations. It is especially important to let everyone know that coming together of Hindus who were hitherto divided on caste, community and ideological lines is nothing short of a miracle.

3. The next stage of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas is Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabhas !

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has successfully organised 1460 ‘Hindu Dharma-Jagruti Sabhas’ since 2007. The purpose of these rallies was to awaken Hindus to the onslaught on their Dharma and the Nation and the damage caused to the same and the need to unite and organise themselves for the establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’. Now, with the purpose of turning Hindus towards activism, the future Sabhas (Public meetings) will be named as ‘Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabha’. Henceforth, these rallies will dwell on the subjects like declaring the intent to establish the ‘Hindu Nation’, the inevitability of the same and giving specific directions to the efforts thereof. These will be nothing but the next stage of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas.

4. The need for Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabhas for making The ‘Hindu Nation’ a reality !

These rallies are going to be arranged for providing Hindus an opportunity to fulfil their duty towards Dharma and the Nation. Now, all the Hindus should become activists for establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ and take concrete and organised steps for the same. The purpose of these rallies is to unite ordinary Hindus, devout Hindu organisations and various sects to get India declared as the ‘Hindu Nation’. We hereby appeal to Hindus to make firm resolve to participate in this great struggle to establish the ‘Hindu Nation’ through constitutional means just as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj established ‘Hindavi Swaraj’ through the strength of his spiritual practice. The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti works on its five-point program of Dharma-Jagruti, Dharma-Shikshan (Education on Dharma), Dharma-Rakshan (protecting Dharma), uniting the Hindus, and Rashtra-Rakshan (Protecting the Nation). The proposed rally has been arranged as a part of this effort.

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