Hindu Attire

Practical suggestions on Wearing Clothes

This article provides practical suggestions on wearing clothes such as they should be comfortable and cover the whole body. It also explains when the new clothes are to be inaugurated and the purification of clothes, etc. Read more »

Significance of wearing Sahavari saree (Six-yard saree)

The attire we wear determines the vibrations, emotion and bhav (Spiritual emotion) in us. A Tama predominant attire makes the person extroverted and fickle-minded. Raja predominant attire creates restlessness and agitation in the person. With a Sattva predominant attire the person gains stability of mind and peace. Read more »

Importance of Saree and benefits of wearing it

Our saree is a gift of pure Hindu tradition. Only a saree brings out the real beauty in a woman. No matter how a woman’s body is, a saree looks good on her. A saree always has a pallu (Free end of a saree, normally worn over the shoulder and head). Women never let it fall from their head, and if it does fall, it remains draped around the shoulder. Read more »

Spiritual effect of wearing Ghagra-choli (Traditional Bharatiya skirt-blouse)

In the earlier times, girls would wear Ghagra-choli. Today, this attire has become outdated. Even then, in States like Gujarat and Rajasthan, young girls and women still wear Ghagra (A traditional Bharatiya skirt with more pleats) and choli (Blouse). ‘Ghagra-choli is one of the appropriate garments as per the Hindu culture and considered a sattvik garment at the spiritual level as well. Read more »

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