Ornaments and How it can be worn as Spiritual Jewelry


An Introduction to the Science of Ornaments

        Wearing a nine-yard sari, kumkum (vermillion) on forehead and adorned with a full set of ornaments, is the traditional identity of a Hindu woman. Ornaments are an invaluable inheritance of the Hindu culture. They are preserved with pride for generations. With time, however, Hindus were influenced by the western culture. As a result, the cultural inheritance in the form of ornaments began to be ignored. Nowadays, in the name of fashion, women do not wear bangles and put on ‘bindi’ (A red, circular sticker) instead of kumkum. Some consider it a sign of backwardness to use ornaments like broad bangles, nose ring and toe rings. At the same time, many have a mistaken materialistic notion that, ‘ornaments are a medium to display their wealth’.

        The purpose of the articles on the science of ornaments is to impress upon the mind the spiritual perspective that, an ornament is an object that facilitates the process of obtaining Divine grace. They are not merely objects for display or deriving pleasure, but are an important medium to provide Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) and activate divinity in the woman. Wearing ornaments allows us to receive Shakti (Divine Energy), reduces the black (negative) energy in the body, protects from negative energy attacks, and the parts of the body where ornaments are worn are subjected to spiritual healing similar to acupressure.

        The articles regarding ornaments also provide scientific information on comparison of ornaments made from different metals, ornaments for women, men and children and purification of the ornaments.

        To understand the subtle process taking place after wearing ornaments is beyond the comprehension of an average individual. Subtle-analysis and the subtle-pictures by seekers who have subtle perception ability, is the special feature of these articles. Subtle experiments conducted with a gold chain, a gold ring, and sattvik and asuri (demoniacal) ornaments teach us to look at ornaments from the spiritual perspective. It is not necessary to wear all the listed ornaments for availing spiritual benefits. Depending on an individual’s financial status, it is perfectly alright even if minimal ornaments are worn as advised by the scriptures. It is the bhav (Spiritual emotion) with which the ornaments are worn that matters and not which ornaments or how many ornaments are worn. Those who cannot afford ornaments made of gold can wear gold-plated ornaments or silver ornaments, or at least one such ornament as spiritual jewelry. When compared to spiritual practice for God-realisation, the gains from wearing ornaments are minimal. Yet, for those who are not doing any spiritual practice or for seekers in the preliminary stages, if they wear ornaments as spiritual jewelry then it is a boon from the point of view of increasing ‘sattvikta’.

        We pray unto the Holy feet of Shri Guru that, after reading these articles, may everyone develop a spiritual perspective underlying ornaments and realise the greatness of Hindu Dharma which has given this invaluable treasure!

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text, ‘Science of Ornaments

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