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Editorial from Daily ‘Apla Vartahar’

Rulers who do not understand difference between an anti-national and a nationalist!

Our country faces more threat from the Bangaldeshis, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Talibanis and infiltrators than Pakistan and China. Again, our rulers are shamelessly glorifying the terrorists and criminally discouraging the nationalist elements in the country.

Of late, a demand is being raised that if there is a ban on SIMI, there should be a ban on Bajrang Dal, RSS and Sanatan Sanstha too. Those who raise the demand include socialists, proponents of Gandhism and the parties that propagate nationalism. The central home minister of state Shakil Ahmed is grossly suffering from jaundice against the Bajrang Dal and RSS. He has declared that the government is making preparations to ban Bajrang Dal.

There is a widening gap between the style of function of SIMI and Bajrang Dal. The ulterior acts of SIMI, Lashkar-e-Toyba and Indian Mujahidin and their mindset are well known. It is no secret that they have indulged in sabotaging the Bharatiya society and the country by giving the slogan that ‘Islam is in danger’.

The activists of SIMI and Indian Mujahidin say that ‘we are fighting for our rights’. But can we say that their fight is really for their rights? There is the constitutional inheritance law for the followers of other religions and a personal law for the Muslims. The Muslims do not enjoy so much religious freedom in other countries as in Bharat. Even in Islamic countries they are not enjoying so much freedom.

Hindustan was divided due to rank fanaticism of Barrister Jinha. Mahatma Gandhi donated Rs.55 crores to Pakistan. The rulers formed ‘Muslim Personal Board’. They even knelt down before the fanatic Mullahs and Maulavis. Lakhs of Hindus were butchered in Jammu and Kashmir. Still most of the Hindus observed restraint. Had the Hindus not remained composed and tolerant, how can the Hindus and Muslims would have lived together in a country where 80 crore are the Hindus in the population of 102 crore? This clearly indicates that the claim of the terrorists who give the slogan of ‘Islam is in danger’ that they are fighting for their rights is downright hollow.

On the contrary the Bajrang Dal, RSS and Sanatan Sanstha propagate nationalist philosophy. Their Hindutva stance is inspired by pure patriotism. The agitation of Bajrang Dal has neither instigated opposition to the country nor has it incited sedition or treachery. Whatever violence has happened, it is in the form of backlash. It was out of sheer helplessness. Bajrang Dal is not known to have carried out serial bomb blasts. RSS has never had truck with any terrorist organisations and Sanatan Sanstha is purely engaged in activities in the religious field.

When there is an obvious basic difference of philosphies in SIMI and the pro-Hindu organisations, some leaders and rulers are treating the pro-Hindu persons on par with terrorists of SIMI. Are they not in a position to distinguish between an anti-national terrorist and a nationalist Hindu? (Courtesy: Dainik Aapla Vartahar)


The media which tried to prevent the tide against the Sanatan mainly included Dainik Saamana, Dainik Vartahar and Hindi Dainik Upkar, Tarun Bharat (Nagpur). These newspapers went to the root cause of the problem and tried to give direction to the society and placed before the people the other side of the coin.

The reporter of daily ‘Hindustan Times’ Ms. Shweta Ramanujan-Dixit paid a visit to Sanatan’s ashram at Devad, Panvel and discussed the matter at length with the seekers. She also visited various departments and tried to understand the daily routine according to the teachings of Sanatan. She reported in her paper the facts under the heading ‘Simple life style in Sanatan’s Ashram’. Link of Article


Negative Coverage

Newspapers who resort to yellow journalism and brand Sanatan terrorist!

Some workers in Sanatan Ashram are the accused in the bomb blast at Gadakari Rangayatan at Thane. The Sanatan has given and has been giving full cooperation to ATS which is investigating the matter. The representatives of the Ashram have time and again given in writing, have told verbally and through press conferences that when there were thousands of seekers doing spiritual practice under the guidance of the Sanstha, if some persons indulged in wrong deeds, the entire Sanstha could not be held responsible. But even before the investigations could be conmpleted, the anti-Hindu elements in the media put Sanatan Sanstha, HJS and ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ in the cage of the accused. While criticising in this manner, they were not even aware that ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ is a newspaper and the other two organisations are engaged in democratic activities of protection of nation and Dharma in the society for the last many years. History will never forgive the anti-Hindu and lop-sided journalism. Here are some of those whose names will be written in history in black letters:

News channels

CNN-IBN, IBN Lokmat, Doordarshan Sahyadri….

Marathi Dailies

Loksatta, Maharashtra Times, Sakal, Aapla Mahanagar, Samrat, Loknayak, Janatecha Mahanayak, Vishvasamrat, Mumbai Chaupher, Mumbai Lakshadeep, Mumbai Sandhya…..

Hindi Dailies

Hindamata, Khabare Aajtak, Pratahakal, Hamara Mahanagar, Navbharat …..

English Dailies

DNA, Yuva, Mid-day and Indian Express, Mumbai Mirror

Marathi Weeklies

Nave Shahar, Shodhan, Chitralekha…..

English Weeklies

Goan Observer…

Urdu Dailies

Urdu Times, Inquilab, Rojnama Rashtriya Sahara…..!

Suits filed by Sanatan in courts!

1. Saptahik Chitralekha. 2. Weekly Goan Observer. 3. Aapala Mahanagar.

With a view to preserve their ‘secular’ credentials, like the politicians, the media in Hindustan also indulge in malpractices of defaming the organisations which propagate Hindu Dharma. Such media are cause harm to Hindu dharma and are a blot on Bharatiya democracy. Boycott them!