Protest of proposed ban Sanatan Sanstha

Sanatan Sanstha’s Spokesperson Shri. Abhay Vartak’s Interview to



1. Participate in the online awareness drive on
2. Tell your friends about this unjust ban and urge them to send letters to Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Governor of Maharashtra, President and Prime Minister of Bhaarat (India)
3. Give an idea about this ban to local Pro-Hindu leaders of Political parties, Hindu organizations as well as spiritual leaders of local sects.
4. Ask Pro-Hindu MLA’s and MP’s to raise this issue in the Assembly.
5. If you are Internet savvy, spread this message to maximum Groups/Communities.
6. Elections are coming near. You can preach or campaign against the NCP in your area.
7. You can write related matter on public display boards in your area.
8. You can pray and chant daily for 10 minutes, for the destruction of forces against the nation and Dharma.

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Protest and Overthrow proposed ban on Sanatan Sanstha


The H'ble Chief Minister

Respected Sir

I condemn and protest against the proposed ban on Sanatan Sanstha and 'Sanatan Prabhat' periodical.

Sanatan Sanstha works with the main objective of spreading Spirituality in the society, trying to inculcate righteous behaviour in the people and imparting individual guidance to seekers for their spiritual upliftment. To protect the Nation and Dharma, Sanatan Sanstha has always protested lawfully against unrighteous acts.

Sanatan Sanstha is actively involved in organising activities like Balsanskarvargs, providing relief measures during calamities, training people in first-aid and fire fighting, conducting free eye-testing camps, blood-donation camps, conducting lectures on stress management, programmes for the Police and Army all over the country, helping the Police maintain discipline during pilgrimages and carrying out tree plantations etc.

Ignoring all the above-mentioned social work being done for the past 18 years, how can anyone make an unjustified demand of banning the Sanstha?
Therefore, I request you to ponder over this before banning Sanatan Sanstha!

Yours truly,

Signed by,

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1. H'ble Governor of Maharashtra
2. H'ble President of India
3. H'ble Prime Minister of India


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