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Stop pampering the Muslims and only then try to trouble ‘Sanatan’! – Shiv Sena Chief

1353176946_balasaheb-thackeray-1Amongst the massive campaign by the secular and pro muslim politicians for banning Sanatan, Hinduhrudhayasamrat Shiv Sena Chief Sri Balasaheb Thakeray has supported Sanatan by strongly criticizing the Congress government by declaring that govt should stop pampering fanatic muslims and only then try to take action against Sanatan.He has clarified his role thus in the editorial of Daily Samana dated October 8. In this editorial he thunders, “ The ‘knowledgeble king’ of Maharashtra says why only target Muslim organizations take action against Hindu organizations also. Shri. Sharad Pawar which Hindu organizations do you which are equal in reputation to Al Kaida, SIMI, Toyba and Indian Mujahiddin?

Really speaking even one such Hindu organization was there with us then none of these green satans would have dared to do bomb blasts or create riots.But alas our Home department time and again blames Bajarang Dal and they are now having stomach ache due to Sanatan Prabhat. Sanatan Sanstha is an organization which is commited for the cause of Hinduism and does religious and cultural work. Provoked and angered by the dramatists who were repeatedly doing denigration of Hindu deities some of them did a feeble bomb blast at Thane’s Gadkari Rangayatan.This gave a chance to ATS to torture this organization and lable them as ‘ terrorists’.

Actually speaking many people affected by various problems in life try to derive mental peace by doing chanting (Namsmaran) and meditation by attending Sanatan’s Satsangs.If such people are declared as terroists by those belonging to Rashtravadi Congress just to please Muslims then it is sheer foolishness. Such people as Majid Memon who fight the cases involving fanatic Muslims and terrorists involved in bomb blasts share the seats at the dais with these Rashtravadis and there is no distress for these Rashtravadis.If you really want to stop the terrorism then first control such advocates as Memon.Stop pampering the fanatics because they are Muslims and only then try to trouble ‘Sanatan’! (O Hindus! Forget about actual action; at least dare to speak like Shiv Sena Chief!- Editor)

We will oppose the ban on Sanatan Sanstha! – Gopinath Munde

gopinathPune: ” There is no need to ban Sanatan Sanstha and Bajrang Dal.The government is speaking the language of ban just to hide its failure” said BJP’s national secretary Sri Gopinath Munde. He was answering to the questions put forth by the journalists in the press conference arranged at Chichwad.When asked, ”What will be your stance if government bans these organizations?”, he replied, ” The government will not dare to do so and if it does then it will have to face our stiff opposition”. He was on a visit to Chinchwad to attend the BJP’s Western Maharashtra workers’ ‘ Vijayi Sankalp Melava’ in view of the preparations for the coming Lok Sabha elections.

”The language of Government of banning these organization is like a outcry of a thief . Similarly the actions taken against the Varkaris while siding with Dow company is like ‘ Infatuation seizes when destruction is impending’ for the government.” He said further. Regarding admitting ‘Live in relationship’ he said that it is against the hindu culture and is destructive to the very fabric of the concept of marriage and therefore we are going to oppose it. At the inaugural address the BJP’s Maharashtra state president Sri Nitin Gadkari said, ” the present government is not Nationalist , it is anti-national. It is after pampering Muslims. Such a government can not be an offspring of Chatrapati Shivaji but is an offspring of Aurangajeb. When asked about the electricity shortage, he said, ” if BJP- Shiv Sena government comes to power the electricity shortage will be over within two years.”

The BJP MLA Shri. Vinod Tawde in his address said that previously the congress government used to pamper Muslims but now under the fear of loss of votes they have started pleasing terrorists. He urged that all should try to bring a government working under the leadership of Sri Lalkrushna Adwani.

Do not brand any Hindu organisation terrorist! – Nitin Gadkari

IN_GADKARI_1340660fMumbai: Union minister for agriculture, Mr. Sharad Pawar has compared Bajarang Dal and RSS with SIMI although there is no proof of their involvement in any such terrible and destructive activities. Therefore, do not compare them with SIMI. There is unwarranted uproar about Sanatan Sanstha. Do not brand any Hindu Organization as a terrorist outfit,” said Mr. Nitin Gadakari, zonal president of BJP. He said further, “House of terrorist Bashir has become a place of pilgrimage. Muslim leaders have showered his family with financial aid. Afzal has not yet been hanged. There are 1500 terrorists in the country who have been declared as missing. It has been observed that beastly Muslims are involved in all such activities related to terrorism. Not a single Hindu organization has destroyed a mosque. It is therefore inappropriate to brand Hindu organizations as terrorists.”


‘When the heavens fell on Sanatan, these persons supported Sanatan Sanstha

Activitsts of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti
Shiv Sena

Shri. Manohar Joshi and Shri. Sanjay Raut, members of Parliament; Shri. Uddhav Thakarey, executive president; Shri. Ramdas Kadam, leader of opposition in Assembly; Shri. Deepak Sawant, Shri. Sunil Dhande and Shri. Divakar Raote, members of legislative assembly; Shri. Subhash Desai, leader, Shri. Gulabrao Patil and Shri. Arvind Sawant, deputy leaders.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Shri. Gopinath Munde, Shri. Nitin Gadakari, president for Pradesh; Shri. Pandurang Phundkar, Shri. Eknath Khadase, Shri. Sanjay Kelkar, Shri. Girish Bapat and Shri. Vinod Tawade, members of legislative assembly.

Shetkari-Kamgar Party

Shri. Vivek Patil and Shri. Jayant Patil, members of legislative assembly.

Also Shri. Devendra Paramjit, member of legislative assembly; Shri. Milind Ekbote, pro-Hindu leader and Shri. Arvind Kulkarni, senior journalist.