Hindu Issues

Free Hindu Temples

Temples are the foundation stones of Hindu Dharma. Today Govt is taking over Hindu temples and on the other hand anti-Hindus and fanatics are attacking temples in broad daylight. Read more »

Declare the ‘ Hatkatro Khamb ’ in Goa as a National Monument !

Hatkatro Khamb is in the same area where Christians hold fair for Xavier whom they treat as a Saint. This pillar is standing even today as a witness of extreme oppression by Portuguese rulers, of Hindus in Goa; but it is in very bad shape today. The condition of this ‘Hatkatro Khaamb’ is very pathetic. … Read more

Religious Conversion

Religious conversion is one of the issue that haunts the very existence of Hindu Dharma. It is reported that laksha of Hindus get converted to other religions for various reasons as Hindus lack pride of their own Dharma. Read more »

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