Ban Congress, The gang of terrorists!

Congress leader and a former minister Mr Mohamad Surti was recently convicted by the TADA court for his role in 1993 Gujarat bomb blasts. He has been sentenced for twenty years of imprisonment. Thus now when it is proved that the leaders of Congress party are involved in anti-national activities, it is time to permanently ban this party by declaring it as a terrorist organization

Just to advocate the cause of Muslims the Home Minister is making the capital of Babri and Gujrat riots !

One should take lessons from Central agriculture Minister Mr Sharad Pawar and his follower Mr R. R. Patil , home minister of Maharashtra regarding how to set a campaign for maligning someone.In fact the demand to ban Sanatan Prabhat is part and parcel of their election campaign.That is exactly the reason why both of them are interested in continuing the campaign further which was originally started by Muslims to defame such Hinduttvavadi organizations like Sanatan Prabhat and Bajrang Dal in order to please the Muslims.Mr R. R. Patil who seems to be advocate of the Muslims argues that because of Babri Masjid demolition and Gujrat riots the Muslims were provoked to do bomb blasts.But such as statement of his is based more on his ignorance about the history. ( It is our luck that Mr Patil has not held Sanatan Prabhat and Sangha Pariwar responsible for the bomb blasts at America,England, Pakistan and Afganistan!)

It has been repeatedly proved that since the establishment of Islam the Muslims are at loggerheads with Hindus.The history of Partition is full of Islamic cruelty and hence the ‘secular’ politicians did not mention about it in the History Text books of India.It is likely that Mr Patil is not aware of it. The Muslims slaughtered Ten lakh Hindus during the time of Partition. They even played the demoniacal game of slitting open the abdomen of pregnant women and tossing the foetus up in air and then cathing it on the tip of spear.The Hindus residing at Pakistan and BaglaDesh became extinct. Mr Home Minister, which Babri Masjid the Hindus had demolished then?Even prior to that in the past twelve hundred years 65000 Hindu temples were demolished, crores of Hindus not willing to embrace Islam were killed and there is no account of how many thousand Rajput women committed Johar to escape from being raped.Mr Minister, were then the riots triggered by Hindus? Just think over it and tellus so that let this Maharashtra’s Holy soil of Saints come to know your true colour!

If Mr Patil feels that because of 1992 Babri Masjid demolition and 2002 Gujrat riots has lead to increase of terrorism then it is intellectual blindness.That is because the terrorism is the problem of last 30 years.In the year 1989 the Muslims of Kashmir slaughtered 93000 Kashmiri Hindus and made 450000of them homeless.For your attention The Babri masjid was well standing that time and neither there were Gujrat riots.Therefore it is requested that Mr Patil should stop supporting Muslims by making capital out of such things and should honour his chair of Home Minister!

These are only speeches as inspite of being in power the lack of evidence discourages them to put a ban!

‘ If there is ban on SIMI there should also be a ban on Bajarang Dal and Sanatan Prabhat’. Some such misleading speeches are given by this duo of Mr Pawar and Mr Patil.Why misleading ? Because one of them is in Central Ministtry while the other one is in power at State level.If they had enough evidence they would not have kept quire by this time. Infact they would have easily put a ban and would be ready for a praise from the Muslims. However the fact is that there is no such evidence which can lead to a ban on Bajarang Dal then how come they are going to find them against Sanatan Prabhat?This appears to be cunning ploy to soften the anti national attitude of fanatic Muslims by making speeches at the least to gather the sympathy of Muslims.

With the persecution of Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers, Congress’ pot of 100 crimes is full!

‘Hindus ! By persecuting and subjecting Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers to unnecessary interrogation in connection with the bomb blast which you never did, the heretic Congress and the anti-terrorism squad are only adding to their heap of sins. So the Congress will be defeated at both the centre and state level in the ensuing elections. That will be followed by a grand enquiry of the Congress’ sins for the last 100 years in general and for the 61 years of independence in particular which has lead Bharat to the nadir of regression. When that happens, the Congressmen will feel like fleeing to Pakistan!’

‘Though the Congress is going to die its own death after completion of 100 sins in the ensuing elections, convass against the Congress to root it out as a part of our duty towards Hindu Dharma, that is, your wilful actions!’‘The cases of defamation shall be filed against the Congress rulers and the police in the ensuing Divine Kingdom for defaming the Sanatan Sanstha!’ (Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat