Conspiracy against Sanatan and HJS!

On 4 th June 2008 some Hindus carried out bombblasts at Thane’s Gadkari Rangayatan.The Antiterrorist squad of police arrested some of the volunteers of Sanatan Sanstha in connection with the bomb blast. The accused told the police that Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janjagruti Samiti was noway involved in this act as it was done by them through personal anger against the Hindu deities’ denigration done in the drama ‘ Aamhi Pachpute’. The police were given total cooperation during the investigation by Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and the editor of the periodical ‘ Sanatan Prabhat’. However under the pressure of politicians and Dharmadrohis the police were after them for last four months just to somehow prove the connection of these oraganisations and ‘ Sanatan Prabhat’ with the bomb blasts and still their investigations are not over. Here is a brief account of the role played by politicians and dharmadrohis and the stepwise inquiry by police not of terrorists but of organizations like Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and Sanatan Prabhat which are active in the mission of working for Nation and Dharma


The members of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti are unnecessarily harassed

Immediately after the 4 th June bomb blasts the ATS turned their guns on Hindu Janjagruti Samiti an organization having a noble mission of Dharmajagruti. Some of the office bearers of the organizations were picked up for enquiry at odd hours of night considering them to be suspected accused. Some of the office bearers were even taken in for enquiry and were repeatedly called to the police station. They were intensively enquired as accused sometimes simply and sometime by threatening them.Meanwhile these office bearers having no connection whatsoever with the bomb blasts had to face unnecessary physical and mental distress. In the end when it was clear that they were not at all connected with the incidence the police changed their attitude and they were declared not guilty.Inspite of all these the police still had the doubt that the Samiti must have been involved in the incidence they were after it in various ways and at various places.

How will the Hindus have sympathy with the police who persecute them? 

‘When the Muslims will kill the police in the future riots, will the Hindus rush to help the police or will they be happy?’  (Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat)

DSP’s editor interrogated on so-called objectional matter!

Some of the producers of Marathi plays, office bearers of Andhashraddha Nirmool Samiti (ANiS), some office bearers of political parties and a few other heretics have mentioned through representation and newspapers that Dr. Athavale was writing provocative matter in Sanatan Prabhat periodicals and encouraging acts of terrorism. He also gave message ‘to become terrorist and Naxalites in order to stop the anti-religious plays that denigrate Hindu Deities’. The representation therefore demanded that enquiry should be conducted on Sanatan Prabhat and Dr. Athavale and he should be arrested and Sanatan Prabhat banned. Dr. Dabholkar, Prof. Shyam Manav etc. of ANiS have selected some matter (which according to them was provocative) from Sanatan Prabhat for the last five years and presented it to the government. According to them, the matter encouraged one to undertake terrorist acts!

Prof. Manav also alleged, “Dr. Athavale brain-washes his workers and compels them to undertake terrorist acts. He is the manufacturer of human robots”. He demanded immediate action on Dr. Athavale. The government promptly took notice of all the allegations and started investigation. Accordingly, by the last week of June the police officials contacted the editor of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ over telephone and asked, “We have to conduct enquiry with you and H.H. Dr. Athavale on the basis of the matter published in ‘Sanatan Prabhat’. Would you like to come to Mumbai or we should come there?” The police officials called the editors at Panvel and made enquiries with them for hours together.

Police mistakes teachings of Revolution of Dharma with terrorist mindset

There is a mention of Dharma-kranti that is Revolution of Dharma many a time in Dainik Sanatan Prabhat. Though the real meaning of Dharma-kranti is to make the society behave religiously, the police gave a different meaning to the word. They started asking many seekers, “What is Dharma-kranti? According to you what does it denote?”

There needs to be seeker-police to avoid wastage of money in investigation of innocent organisations like Sanatan and HJS!

‘The Congress government and anti-terrorist squad who have started making enquiry of the religious and nationalist organisations like Sanatan and HJS in connection with the Malegaon bomb blast can very well make enquiry of the two organisations in connection with the bomb blast that shook Agartala (Tripura) on 1st October 2008! Crores of rupees are wasted by making the police use their energy in futile investigations. Hence there is a dire need of seeker-policemen. As they understand the subtle dimension, they will be able to reach the criminals.’   (Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat)

Prof. Shyam Manav lodges false case and police follows it up by conducting enquiry with Sanatan

One thing that dawned on Prof. Manav too late, that is after one long year was that the attack which was made on him in last year in a programme in Pune was made by the Sanatan workers! So he made a complaint with the ATS in July 2008. He also pestered ATS for a long time to conduct enquiry of Sanatan. Earlier that incident was investigated and the real culprits were pinpointed. It was observed than that Sanatan was in no way associated with the incident. In spite of the matter being so clear, the police sought to conduct enquiry of Sanatan as demanded by Prof. Manav. Police asked the spokesperson of Sanatan Ashram, “Did you attack Manav? If not you, who did? What way were you involved in the attack?” etc. Our representative explained to them the exact position. The enquiry revealed that Sanatan was not associated with the attack. The incident only proves the childish behaviour of Prof. Manav. It was a pitiable effort on his part like a child who complains about the same thing again and again and tries to prove his point right. Prof. Manav has also proved his nature of telling lies.

Forward information about anti-religious activities of organisations like ANS!

‘The pro-Hindu parties will win the ensuing elections. Necessary enquiry commission will then be set up on organisations like Andhhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (ANS) for their heretic activities and then they will be banned. Towards this, collect all the information about the heretic people such as their anti-religious magazines, periodicals, the reports of their speeches in periodicals etc. and send it to the nearest office of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’at the earliest!’ (Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat)

Police seeks copies of trust deeds of Sanatan Sanstha and HJS for enquiry

The police demanded copies of goals and objectives of both the trusts of Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and tried to find out whether there was anything detrimental from the point of terrorist acts. The police prosecutors informed the judge on 27th June 2008 that they had completed the investigation into the bomb blast. Acccordingly the judge transferred the accused from police custody to judicial custody. Within a few days, the police again approached the court and sought permission to arrange ‘narco’ and ‘brain mapping’ tests of the two accused. Accordingly the police conducted first ‘narco’ test of the two accused. As they failed to get anything favourable to them out of it, they carried out ‘brain mapping’ test of the accused after a few days. Sanatan Sanstha on its own presented the ‘suspected accused’ to the police. It also rendered utmost cooperation to the police in its investigation by providing true information honestly. Despite this, the police continued to look at the Sanstha with suspicion. They wanted to establish association of Sanatan Sanstha with the bomb blast crime by hook or by crook. Their entire efforts were directed towards this objective. The tests are a part of this sinister game.

The police also enquired about the various suits and cases filed by Sanatan in various courts, as demanded by ANS whose behaviour is akin to Marathi adage, ‘the thief shouts at the police’. The Sanstha has no time to unnecessary indulge in filing suits against anyone as it has to concentrate on the extensive and huge task of spread of Dharma. Sanatan files cases and suits only with the intention of getting justice against those who tarnish its image by making reckless statements, not just to harass others. The heretic persons and the police concerned should take into account this aspect.

Enquiry about accounts of Sanstha and Samiti by police and charity commissioner

The government, along with the usual police enquiry, has also made enquiry about the accounts of the Sanstha. As a part of the enquiry, they have also called for copies of annul accounts for the last few years from Sanatan Sanstha and HJS. The charity commissioner also examined the trust deed papers of the Sanstha at Sangli.

Enquiry with Sanatan Prabhat’s editor umpteen times

The police enquired the editor of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ in the month of June. On 4th September 2008 again some officials of ATS came to the head office of Sanatan Sanstha and collected some information from the editor. Thereafter just within four days, the editor was summoned in the ATS’ office for enquiry. The police also asked the editor to furnish some information in a few days. On 4th October 2008, the ATS officials against contacted the editor and asked him to be present in the office for enquiry.

Instead of the venomous statements of Imam Bukhari, Government makes enquiry of H.H. Dr. Athavale’s writings about public awakening of Dharma

The Imam Bukhari has threatened that if the key criminal in the Ahmedabad bomb blast Abul Bashir was not released, they would create more dangerous situation in the country than that prevailed at the time of partition in 1947. Ironically, the heretic Congress and police working under its control did not think this statement venomous, but thought that the writings on protection of nation and awakening of Dharma for the sake of mass awareness were provocative. At last the police went to the extent of making enquiry of Sanstha’s founder H.H. Dr. Athavale. On 4th September 2008, an official of ATS came to the head office on the Sanstha at Goa and enquired with H.H. Dr. Athavale. H.H. Dr. Athavale provided the necessary information to the police. Do the police make such enquiry of the Muslim leaders or their priests? If they go to make such an enquiry, everyone is aware from the various incidents of police enquiry in Muslim areas what difficult situation the police have to face. Is not this an act of treason and heresy to overlook the venomous statements of Muslims and give shelter to them who provide protective cover to the terrorists?

Making enquiries with printers of Sanatan Prabhat and getting necessary information

The ATS also went to the printing press of Sanatan Prabhat’s periodicals at Turbhe in September in connection with investigation of bomb blast and made detailed enquiries. They also called the owners of the printing press to ATS office and asked for necessary papers. Similarly, the ATS sent letters to printers of Sanatan Prabhat at Sangli and Ratnagiri and sought some information about the printing of DSP. A letter was also sent to the printer in Karnataka where the Kannada weekly Sanatan Prabhat is printed. A bomb blast may take place anywhere, but the ATS tries to see its connection with the Sanstha and the Samiti.

In future if there is any bomb blast anywhere, the Congress government will leave no stone unturned in blaming the Sanstha and the Samiti without going into proper investigation. This became clear when it suspected the Sanstha and the Samiti for the bomb blast in Malegaon. This is an obvious conspiracy of the Congress the finish the organisations and associations who ceaselessly work for the noble cause of nation and Dharma!

Investigation of crime is over, now it is a political enquiry!

The police had investigated the original crime and presented the charge-sheet by the middle of September; but even thereafter, the police investigation of the Sanstha, the Samiti and Sanatan Prabhat continued. Many persons from various fields including political circle opined that the real investigation of the crime was over and this was only a vengeful political enquiry.

NCP’s demand of ban is a political ploy to appease Muslims with an eye on the forthcoming elections!

Right from the beginning of October 2008, Mr. Sharad Pawar and Mr. RR Patil are giving statements on various forums about imposing a ban on Sanatan Sanstha and are trying to dishearten the seekers. A number of political analysts have opined that oppressing Sanatan Sanstha as demanded by the Muslims for keeping them in good humour was a mere ploy of the NCP for garnering the vote bank of Muslims.

Will they get even a mouse out of a mountain?

Howsoever deep the police may go in making enquiries with the Sanstha and the Samiti under pressure from the rulers and the heretics, the question is, will they get anything at all? Because in keeping with the proverb ‘if there is no smoke, there cannot be a fire’, the Sanatan Sanstha and the Samiti are basically engaged in the noble cause of Dharma and in this cause there is nothing that can provoke terrorist acts. The police are trying to dig at the base of both the organisations to find out the roots of so-called terrorism under political pressure. But after digging a mountain for months together, will they get even a mouse out of it?

Hindus! This is the beginning of fight of Righteousness and Unrighteousness and real difficult times are still ahead!

Hindus! The Sanatan has been telling that ‘the difficult times will come from the year 2008’. Due to the stance of the heretics and the police investigation, we are able to witness just a dummy run of the difficult times. The handful of opponents of Sanatan who are waiting in the wings to get a chance to pounce on Sanatan either now or in the future, will always try to play the game of mudslinging and the rulers and the administration will come forward willingly to take action on Sanatan. But come what may, we should be sure that the ultimate victory is with the Sanstha (that is with Dharma) which behaves religiously for the mission religion. So we should have unshakeable faith on God and be prepared to face the ensuing horrible situation and continue our mission of Dharma with vigour!

Need for establishment of Divine Kingdom

‘Being unable to get enough evidence against Sanatan after digging a mountain, the police will try to present false evidences to court and based on them, the court will give false verdicts. Ardent Hindus have to face heavy odds and establish Divine Kingdom. God will certainly send the responsible persons to ‘Patal’ or hell according to their sins for the falsehood of the government and the police!’ (Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat