Sharad Pawar demands ban on Sanatan Sanstha and Bajarang Dal !

Alibaug (Maharashtra): Central Agriculture Minister and the chief of NCP, Shri. Sharad Pawar touched upon various topics like SEZ, power project, elections etc. in the concluding session of the Party’s camp. In his address, he demanded ban on terrorist organizations(?) like ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ and ‘Bajarang Dal’. (Shri. Pawar can go to any extent in wooing Muslims. People like him make it imperative for Hindus to revolt. – Editor) He said that only Muslims are being targetted and branded as terrorists. (Since only Muslims are involved in anti-national activities, they are targetted! – Editor) In many newspapers, his address has been published. He criticized police and alleged that police had double standard for Hindus and Muslims. He said that if Muslims are branded as terrorists, why action is not taken against ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ and ‘Bajarang Dal’. (Anti-Hindu Pawar! – Editor) He said that guilty, let him be a Hindu or a Muslim, has to be punished. Sanatan Prabhat and Bajarang Dal were involved in bomb blasts in Thane; but nothing is being said about them. (Sanatan has already explained that it was not involved in bomb blasts in Thane; but Shri. Pawar is misleading people by giving wrong information! – Editor)

Home Ministry should have a different standpoint in dealing with terrorism. Unity of the nation is of utmost importance; else, the people will have to pay a dear price (Why Shri. Pawar is not giving this sermon to Muslims ? – Editor) The manner of dealing with terrorists, whether of SIMI or Bajarang Dal, has to be same. Shri. Pawar said, “I have read books written by Anil Pachpute, the founder ofSanatan. (Shri. Pawar’s gross ingnorance about the founder of sanatan! And he says that he has read Sanatan books! – Editor) This literature is terrible.”(Sanatan books tell about how to achieve spiritual progress by undertaking spiritual practice. Will Shri. Pawar explain that what does he find terrible in that? – Editor) “The literature is very radical in its views. It tells you about how to harass police or those who are against Hinduism. If that is not enough,Sanatan literature also gives solution on how to terminate them,” said Shri. Pawar.(Will Shri. Pawar enlighten us on which of the books published by Sanatan advocate such things ? – Editor) “It is wrong to brand certain community as terrorist. When a Muslim suspect is detained, he is brought before the media wearing a veil; but the same promptness is not shown in case of a Hindu terrorist,” alleged Shri. Pawar. “Sanatan Prabhat has spread its roots in Mumbai, Thane and Panvel area. Its workers have carried out bomb blasts at 5 places from Mumbai to Nanded,” blurted out Shri. Pawar (Sanatan has condemned bomb blasts; but Shri. Pawar is determined to misguide people about Sanatan. It shows that Shri. Pawar has lost all sense – Editor)

R. R. Patil demands ban on Bajarang Dal, Sanatan & SIMI

Mumbai: An interview of Home Minister R. R. Patil by a Muslim journalist Shri. Samar Khadas was published on the front page of the daily ‘ Loksatta’ on 9.10.2008 under the above heading.Following is the account of the interview along with our counter arguments.

There is an urgent need to ban extremist organizations like Bajarang Dal, Sanatan Prabhat and SIMI who are involved in spreading terror all over the nation through various means thereby hindering the financial,social and cultural progress of the nation.( Sanatan Prabhat is a periodical committed to preaching for National defence and Awareness of righteousness. Does such preaching amounts to spread of terrorism? How can the activities  conducted by Sanatan such as guiding the Hindus regarding correct method of celebrating festivals by avoiding the wrong practices, to convey the deteriorating  state of one’s Religion and Nation; to call for becoming  active in Nation building by throwing off depression and  deathliness be an hindrance in the financial,social and cultural progress of the nation? How on earth can you compare Sanatan Prabhat and the organization like SIMI who has declared  war against Nation?- Editor) We are going to ask the central government to ban them.This was told to ‘Loksatta’ by State’s Deuty Chief Minister and Home Minister Shri. R. R. Patil. The President of Rashtravadi Congress Shri. Sharad Pawar is severely criticizing RSS and its subordinate organizations for last many days.On this background the present speech of Shri. R.R. Patil rgarding banning Bajarang Dal has given a green signal to the State Police.The country like Bharat withits varied Religions, sects, languages and culture could establish its own in the world competition only because of the secular and progressive constitution given to us by the Nation’s constitution makers. Otherwise a country like Pakistan is divided after independence even though having one religion and almost a common language.(The reason for division of Pakistan is solely because of the truth that the Muslims can never peacefully coexist with anybody, not even their religious brethren. The son fighting with the father, Brothers going for each other’s blood is an long established tradition of Muslims!- Editor) He told further that  the blasts of thousands of kilos RDX bombs in that nation is because of the creation of that nation on the basis of  religion.( Shri. Patil, we should say that it is not because of that that the creation was based on religion but due to a religion which preaches Jihad and even considers it as the ultimate thing! When Bharat was a Nation created and administered on the basis of religion , it was common to see here the smoke of Gold!- Editor) The Hindu and Muslim  fanatic energies who can not tolerate the current progree of our Nation are active again.(There is no greater joke than to call the Hindus as fanatics. Were they really fanatic then the present shameless activities of the Muslim Terrorists could never have been tolerated. Besides Shri.  Home Minister is calling Hindus as ‘ who cannot tolerate the present progress of the nation’ which is immensely painful accusation. The Hindus have built up this Nation. To die for the Nation is the culture of Hindus. When such are the facts it is an insult for the entire Hindu community to equalize them with the fanatic Muslims who have uptill now killed thousands of innocent people under the name of Jihad!- Editor) Therefore the citizens should think twice before coming to any conclusion, Shri. R.R. Patil said. The bomb blasts in Mumbai’s suburban trains and those carried out at Malegav was a handiwork of Muslim terrorists but the bomb blasts at Nanded, Poorna, Parbhani and the recent bomb blasts at Thane were carried out by Hindu extremists.This proves that the accusation that the terrorists belong to a particular religion is totally baseless.Some fanatic organizations are trying to create an impression for their political advantage that the terrorists belong to Muslim community and thus trying to alienate them. This may help them in a short run but these Religious leaders have to understand that in the long run the Nation would suffer immense loss, he said. The recent arrest of  Muslim extremists by the Mumbai police had a high proportion of highly educated youngsters.This disproved the statement that only through the Madarasaas there is basic training of terrorism.(The Central Home Ministry has received the report that the most of the Madarasas in Bharat are centers for  terrorist activities. The present statement of Shri. Patil is like supporting these anti national Madarasas!- Editor) When police went into details as to why such highly educated youngsters switched  over to terrorism then they received the solo answer that it was all because of Babri demolition and Gujarat riots.(The detailed counter argument on this point is given under the heading- ‘Just to advocate the cause of Muslims the Home Minister is making the capital of Babri and Gujrat riots !’- Editor) No religion teaches hatred or violence. ( It appears that Home Minister’s knowledge about religion and history is very poor.The Islam preches, ‘ There is only one religion and that is Islam. One who does not believe in Islam is a Kafir. Kill the person who is a Kafir.’This teaching is the chief cause of the world wide bloodbath carried out by Muslims!- Editor) But those who politicize the religion are benefited from sreading hatred and violence.This in turn bigets the Religious politics in the Nation , said Shri. Patil.( Nobody has done the politics of religion to the extent done by secular  Congress politicians  by constantly pampering the Muslims. The Congree politicians remain qiuet and dumb whenThe Muslims massacre the Hindus in the Kashmir,  when they carry out bomb blasts as if iilike crackers or even when the Hindu women are raped in Dhule! The Congress politicians who call themselves secular should first leave their Pro Muslim secularism so that there would be spontaneous retun of peace in this Nation!- Editor)

‘Ban HJS, VHP and Bajarang Dal’: Abu Azmi disgorging poison

Mumbai: Abu Asim Azmi, the president of Socialist party for Maharashtra demanded during demonstrations held at Azad maidan that stringent action must be taken against accused in bomb blasts in Gadakari Rangayatan theatre, Thane and ban should be imposed on Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajarag Dal. (Anti-Hindu Azmi has never demanded ban on SIMI for carrying out bomb blasts all over the country nor has he asked for immediate execution of Afzal for attacking Parliament – Editor)

The demonstrations were held by Socialist party at Azad Maidan for their demand to punish accused in Thane bomb blast cases. They also condemned Government policy of treating Muslims differently (Pretentious Muslims! – Editor) Azmi said, “In last 2 years, more than 50 incidents of riots have taken place in Maharashtra. There is the secular Government of both the Congress parties in power but minorities are living under duress.(Will anyone believe Azmi when there have been armed attacks on Hindus at Yeotmal, Thane, Dhule etc. in Maharashtra? – Editor) There have been  incidents of riots in last 3 months at Digras, Yeotmal, Rabodi and now at Dhule. (It is like thief complaining against police since the fact is, in all these places, Mulsims have attacked Hindus on some pretext and have started riots – Editor) In Dhule, no action has been yet taken against Hindu Sanrakshak Samiti (HSS) responsible for riots. (How can HSS be responsible for riots when first attack was made by Muslims? – Editor) Azmi said further, “In all these riots, police are being looked upon with suspicion. Socialist party along with few voluntary organizations therefore, visited the riot affected areas. (After every such riot, Muslims elected representatives promptly form committees, prepare reports and fight with the Government. When will a Hindu representative show such promptness? – Editor) The report of the committee has been submitted to the Government but it has not taken action.” Azmi also demanded to suspend police officials who could not curb the communal riots within 24 hours, judicial enquiry into police firing and legal action against those police officers who helped rioters. (Had Azmi demanded strict action against even those Muslims who brutally attacked policemen, may be then, one can say that he really has welfare of society at heart! – Editor) He warned that his party would start agitations if the Government does not pay attention to his dmands. Source: ‘Daily Sanatan Prabhat’