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An appeal to the Hindu society !

In our Hindu Nation, where knowledge about higher regions (Mahar, Jana, Tapa and Satya) beyond Swargalok (Heaven) abounds, how long are we going to listen to fiction like this – ‘You will go to Heaven only if you accept Christianity’ ? Hindus should walk proudly in front of non-Hindus who call them sinners and not worthy of living. Read more »

Save Shri Ram Setu Campaign

When the government can give National monument status to few-centuries old Muslim mosques and structures immediately, then why does government need to ‘decide’ whether to give national monument status to 17-lakh year old Ram Setu ? Read more »

Oppose Black Magic Bill: A Draconian law targeting faith

Some adversaries of Dharma are, however, trying to abuse Hindu Dharma under the appealing but deceptive pretext of ‘eradication of superstitions’ by victimizing Hindu Dharma along with the eradication of Hindu Dharma. They are however, scared to death to talk about superstitions existing in other religions. Read more »

Triumph of Hindus on Amarnath Land Transfer Issue !

It is the Triumph of Hindus on Amarnath Land Transfer Issue. At last anti-Hindu Congress Govt. bows in front of Hindu Power. Hindus should always show such unity in future. Hindus now pray gratitude at the holy feet of Amarnath ji for this major success. Read more »

What was the main cause of religious conversions in Bharat during past centuries?

The invasions of Bharat by other sects as well as on Hindu Dharma over the past few centuries are the cause for religious conversions. In the annals of history, we find mention of Bharat being invaded many times by foreigners, ranging from the Arabs to the British. Besides expanding their empires, spreading of their sect was very much the motive underlying each invasion. Read more »

Global Conspiracy for converting Hindus

Conversions of Hindus by non-Hindus are a well-planned conspiracy. The foreign aid received for this mission as well as social, cultural, national and international repercussions of the conversions are quite vast. Read more »

Know the harmful effects of conversions

If Hindus keep getting converted rapidly, in a few years time we will have to say ‘Once there existed Hindu Dharma’, in the same way as we say today after a 100 years ‘Once there existed Parsi religion’. Read more »

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