Tactics adopted to convert Hindus to Christianity



Christian missionaries use various tactics to convert Hindus to Christianity. With the view to keep Hindu Dharma and Hindustan alive, some examples, incidents and experiences pertaining to various tactics adopted by Christians for religious conversions has been elucidated here.

1. Convincing that ‘Jesus is the saviour’

1A. Letter

Christian missionaries send letters saying – ‘Embrace Christianity because only Jesus is the saviour’. In October 2007, a letter to this effect was sent by a Christian missionary to a teacher Mr Bhalake from Aksapur (District Chandrapur, Maharashtra). Further, through this letter a request was made to Mr Bhalake to forward such letters to his contacts.

1B. Pamphlets

To impress upon the local people that only Jesus is the saviour, various churches circulate such pamphlets. ‘One pamphlet distributed in the Dharavi locality in Mumbai by ‘The Potter’s House Church’ states, ‘Jesus says I am the path, the truth and the life. He who has faith in me will live even after death. Jesus cures diseases and relieves from black magic.’

1C. Books

Distribution of free booklets by missionaries propagating Christianity on railway stations

On railway stations, Christian missionaries distribute free booklets propagating Christianity to Hindu
passengers. The passengers read whatever is available free and easily to pass time during boring railway journeys. Hence, these Christian missionaries are certain that these booklets will be read by the passengers.

Distributing application forms related to religious conversions along with free booklets on Jesus

Christian missionaries attach a small form with the free booklet on Jesus. The pledge at the end of the form says, ‘Jesus was crucified because of my sins. May the Lord forgive me. From today, I have decided to accept Jesus as my saviour’. Below this pledge, space is provided for the name, address, age etc. The address of the local church where this form is to be sent is also mentioned.

1D. Staging a play

That conveyed this message – ‘If you worship Jesus, you will attain a place in Heaven’ : ‘Heaven’s Gates, Hell’s Flame’ – this play was staged in Margao (Goa) on 29.8.2009. It conveyed that, ‘If you worship Jesus, you will attain a place in Heaven’. Some incidents enacted in the play are given ahead. Anthony is a wealthy social worker, but does not believe in Jesus; whereas, Pundalik is an ordinary shopkeeper who has accepted Jesus. Both are killed in an accident. Since Pundalik had accepted Jesus, he goes to Heaven and Anthony, because of rejecting Jesus, goes to Hell.

1E. Personal contacting

1. Christian missionaries visit the houses of Hindus who are in need, and pray.

2. Converting youth from the upper strata of society under the pretext of de-addicting them.

3. Distributing free comics and animation films on Jesus to children.

4. Attempt to entice children during journeys by telling them about Jesus.

2. Enticement

1. Tempting poor Hindu children by promising that their worldly problems will be solved

2. Gifting copies of the Bible along with toys to Hindu students

3. Luring unemployed youth with promises of high-salaried jobs or capital to start a business

4. Enticements given to people affected by calamities natural calamities like tsunami, earthquakes

3. The purported charitable activities of Christians

‘Various charitable activities undertaken by the Christian missionaries are nothing but a mask to facilitate their mission of religious conversions without any obstacles. The main objective of these activities is their ambition to increase the Christian population and establish a Christian State on the strength of this population. They are spending crores of Rupees by nurturing this sole objective.’ – Niyogi Commission, Madhya Pradesh. (1955)

3A. Social service organisations

Christian missionaries are carrying out the task of converting Hindus through activities such as setting up homes for the aged, organisations to eradicate leprosy, homes for abandoned women, schools etc., that are labelled social services. Christians who participate in such social service behave as if they are the sole benefactors in the world. Their ulterior motive of religious conversions is realised much later.

3B. Hospitals and nursing of patients Christians pretending to nurse patients with love

The ulterior motive of all Christians who nurse patients in hospitals is to convert them to Christianity. Father Johnson, a missionary working for religious conversions in Bharat for the past 10 years says, “By opening hospitals, we win the trust of the people”. This only means that nursing patients in hospitals was and is still a tool of the Christians for religious conversions.

3C. Education and missionary schools

The purported service of Christians in the field of education is nothing but a trap to convert the future generation of Hindus. In the past 2 centuries, this conspiracy has continuously progressed through the medium of convent schools. By impressing upon the minds of Hindu stu-dents that ‘Jesus is the only saviour’, ‘the Christian religion is supreme’, Hindu students are brainwashed. In convent schools, not only are Hindu students converted, but Hindu employees and teachers too are converted through enticements in job prospects.

3D. Orphanages

‘Children of all age-groups, who were originally Hindus but now have forgotten their roots completely, are found in any orphanage associated with a church. These children, abandoned by their families, are easily trapped by the missionaries. Children of poor parents are brought to the orphanages with promises of a bright future and they are then converted. There are instances of children being sold by such orphanages. Some years ago, some people were arrested in connection with the sale of orphans from a Christian orphanage in Pune.

3E. Residential schools for the destitute children

In June 2010, victimised girls themselves informed that Mathew Yanmal, Manager of ‘Gurukul Godavari  Balakashram’ in Maharashtra Housing Board in Pune, had converted them to Christianity. Mathew Yanmal had converted many children in connivance with various churches. There is a possibility that he may have used these new converts elsewhere to effect more religious conversions.’

3F. Christians pretend to express concern for children

Organisations such as ‘World Vision’, ‘Ishvani’ distribute pamphlets with pictures of poor, sick and helpless children. These pamphlets read, ‘Donate a few thousand Rupees annually and sponsor a child’. In reality, this money does not reach any child. It is used by missionaries for religious conversions.’ – Ms Sunila Sovani (16)

4. Targeting Hindus in remote areas

Today, Christian missionaries have focussed their attention on Hindus in remote areas. Here is an experience in this regard. – ‘I was astonished to find an old church and a newly constructed huge church in Rameswaram
(Tamil Nadu), the region where the sacred Ram Setu exists. Though the population of this remote village is small, crosses were there even on their huts. I spotted a group of 7-8 nuns moving around in that locality. I could understand how Christians are systematically carrying out religious conversions in remote areas.’ – Mr Dhiraj Bengarut, Pune, Maharashtra. (1.3.2009)

5. Targeting prisoners in jail

‘Christian missionaries advise the mentally disturbed Hindu prisoners that if they chant Jesus’ name, he will rescue them from their state.

5A. Organising prayer meetings

The Christian missionaries organise prayer meetings in the jail premises every Thursday and invite every  prisoner. Prisoners who attend the prayer meetings regularly are given a cross to wear around the neck, a rosary, pictures of Jesus (which can be pasted anywhere) and a Bible.

5B. Enticing Hindu prisoners

1. Providing them with items of daily use : Christian missionaries gift Hindu prisoners with pens, notebooks & indoor games. They give letter-writing books to the less educated prisoners.

2. Giving every prisoner a gift amounting to a 100 Rupees on Christmas : During the Christmas season,  Christian missionaries organise a programme in jail, and to attract prisoners, gift them with handkerchiefs, toothbrushes, toothpastes, packaged & other soft drinks and sweets, amounting to a 100 Rupees.’ – A Hindu (2010)

6. Cheating ignorant Hindus

6A. Deception using boxes which supposedly are miraculous

‘In Kerala, especially in the localities of poor Hindus near the coastal belt, the church has kept ‘miracle boxes’. Hindus there are asked to write their wishes on a piece of paper and drop it in this box. Innocent Hindus write things such as ‘I want a fishing boat, I want money to pay school fees of my children’, and drop them in these ‘miracle boxes’. After two weeks, Christian missionaries fulfil all their wishes through the medium of these boxes. Perceiving this to be a Divine miracle, many poor families embrace Christianity.’ – Mr Francois Gautier, French Journalist. (2006)

6B. Prayer and healing meetings

Religious conversions taking place in the ‘Prayer-healing’ centre in Vasai (District Thane, Maharashtra) : ‘The Prayer-healing centre of Christians in Vasai is an area over two acres, which can accommodate 5000 to 6000 people. Since a rumour has been spread that all kinds of physical illnesses can be cured in this centre, middle-class people suffering from diseases flock here.  Followers of Christ from this centre perform various tricks on the stage and term them miracles. Thereafter, Christianfollowers are made to stand on one side of the stage and patients on the other side. Some Christians working in the centre quietly
mingle with the patients. After reciting specific verses, some of these Christians pretend as if they are  possessed. Then, it is announced that ‘these patients have been cured of their ailments’. If physical ailments are not cured even after regular treatment for 4 weeks, they are asked to attend a special 4-day camp. During
these days, a discourse on the greatness of Jesus is delivered, and the attendees are made to follow Christianity. Then, they are told ‘Jesus alone is your saviour. Now, you belong to him. From now on, you have to follow only the religion advised by Jesus’. However, if a Hindu patient is not getting entrapped even after 4
weeks, an attempt is made to convert him through the medium of a camp.’ – Ms Neha Mukund Ghanekar & Ms Rima Lipare, Thane.

7. Pretending to behave like Hindus

‘The church is of the opinion that if it accepts Hindu culture and traditions, the process of converting Hindus can be speeded up’. This is precisely why the Christian missionaries use Hindu culture, customs and attire.

7A. Some examples in today’s times

1. Many churches in South Bharat are converted to Ashrams.

2. The priests and nuns in the church identify themselves as Acharya and Sadhvi respectively.

3. The chapel in the church is decorated with Niranjan (Oil lamp) instead of candles.

4. The entrance to the church resembles that of temples.

5. Some organisations use names such as Ishavani, Shrivani, which Hindus find closer to their culture and instead of ‘Nobelium’ call it a Dnyanpeetha.

6. Bharat Natyam (A dance form in South Bharat) is also being taught in some Christian schools. However, Vedic mudras (Postures for directing the flow of spiritual energy into the Sushumnanadi) are replaced by Christian mudras.

7B. Compilation of the Bible in a manner similar to

Hindu scriptures and ‘Mother Mary’ is depicted in a sari with kumkum on her forehead

7C. Christians adopting Hindu traditions

1. In Kerala, reading passages from the Bible in the church is termed as ‘Vedapathan (Recitation of the Vedas)’. Some churches display a board that reads – ‘Tirthakshetra’ (Place of pilgrimage).

2. To attract Hindus on Tuesdays and Fridays, some churches organise prayer meetings in order to prevent Hindus from going to the temple of the Devi.

8. Criticising Hindu Dharma

The reason for criticism of Hindu Dharma by Christians is to destroy the faith in the minds of Hindus towards their own Dharma. Various types of criticism of Hindu Dharma by Christians,

1. Preaching that due to customs in the Hindu Dharma, people have incurred more harm than benefits

2. Insulting the Sikh sect at their condolence meeting by a fanatical Christian, and Sikhs present for the meeting driving him and his accomplice away

3. Taking undue advantage of the caste system in the Hindu Dharma

9. Marrying Hindus

Some fanatical Christian youth and young women choose to marry some Hindu with the objective of converting
at least one Hindu, and force the bride/groom to embrace Christianity either before or after the marriage

10. Use of force

1. Hindu girls tortured in churches in Karnataka to effect religious conversions

2. Thrashing Hindus dwelling in tribal areas since they resisted religious conversions

3. Use of pressure tactics

  • Pressurising a convert to force his entire family to embrace Christianity
  • Threats to murder Hindus who do not consent to convert

4. Kidnapping children affected by disasters

5. Instigation of communal riots by the ‘Baptist Church’ In Tripura and fulfilment of their objective of religious conversions

6. Seeking help of the terrorists to bring about religious conversions

11. Other mediums of religious conversions

1. Organising camps and picnics for Hindus

2. Training in dancing and arranging a Christmas party

3. Religious conversions through language : Encouragement to write the local language in Roman script. The ulterior motive is to mislead the local populace that their religion, literature, language and heritage are different from Hindus and Bharat.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text, ‘Beware of the tactics used for religious conversions’

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