Triumph of Hindus on Amarnath Land Transfer Issue !

Amarnath Land Issue




It is the Triumph of Hindus on Amarnath Land Transfer Issue. At last anti-Hindu Congress Govt. bows in front of Hindu Power. Hindus should always show such unity in future. Hindus now pray gratitude at the holy feet of Amarnath ji for this major success.

Make it Big: Hindus, let’s not stop the agitation against anti-Hindus!

The only success to the ‘Amarnath Sangharsh Samiti’ which is collective manifestation of Hindu power and agitation is that the anti-Hindu Govt. is ready to think over the Amarnath Shrine Board issue . Of course this is not the final victory for us. Let’s not be satisfied with the current success. Make sure that the movement which is being started against the anti-Hindus and betrayers of the Nation will be spread comprehensively. Through this comprehensive agitation we have to solve our following problems permanently.

  • Let’s not stop this agitation till there is a full control of Amarnath Shrine Board over the Amarnath pilgrimage and permanent land is to be given to provide basic, necessary and civic facilities to Amarnath pilgrims.
  • Let’s not stop the agitation till all those resting points till the Amarnath cave from the base are under the control of Amarnath Shrine Board.
  • Let’s not stop the agitation till; Hindus who are living like refugees in their own country are rehabilitated in their home land; Kashmir.
  • Let’s not stop the agitation till we retrieve the holy places (land) which is been forcefully occupied by begot Muslims and the Pakistan occupied Kashmir.
  • Let’s not stop this agitation till we reoccupy all those Hindu holy places those are forcefully occupied by Muslims in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • Let’s not stop this agitation till Hindu deceitful laws and Governments decision to break ‘Ramsetu’ are been cancelled.
  • Let’s not stop this agitation till the genocide and atrocial behavior with Hindu’s in Pakistan and Bangladesh is been stopped.
  • Let’s not stop this agitation till the bad/ wicked behavior against Hindus is stopped universally.

A message from ‘Bhagawat Geeta’ to those Hindus who are conveniently ignoring Amarnath issue!

We will have to fight for Amarnath’s land; don’t expect Jihadi’s will give this land very easily

Lord Krishna while advising to Yudhishthir says, ‘Shatrudamana rajan!’ That means if you have some soft corner for your enemies or you start neglecting them then they will definitely try to take over your kingdom. Don’t even think that, sons of Dhrutrashtra’ will happily fulfill your wishes just to follow the righteousness or just to show any mercy on you. They don’t even have any regret for your forceful long stay in jungle (dwelling in the wood) for which they are responsible. You should not show any kind of mercy to crafty, crooked and untruly Duryodhan but he definitely deserve to be killed by anybody. (Bhagwan Shrikrishna, Udyog Parva, Adhyay73, Shlok 8-9)

Just like this message from Lord Shrikrishna dear Hindu’s do not sit ideally and watch what is happening. Please do join hands to fight against these Jihadi’s those are offspring of Kaurav and destroy them. You will have to fight for Amarnath’s land to reoccupy it. You just can’t expect them to do some compassion or just by doing some flattery act they will give this land easily. – H.H. Pandey Maharaj, Panvel, Raigad.


An open letter to the warriors of Jammu

– Dr. Indulata Das

dharmaveer-2 dharmaveer-1 dharmaveer-3

My dear warrior brothers of Jammu,

It is a letter from an unknown sister from a remote part of the country to extend her whole hearted support to your fight for justice. You are fighting a Dharmayuddha as the Pandavas fought. You are not begging a piece of land as a charity or a mercy. You are claiming your own land, the land of which you are the exclusive owner.

Yes, Kashmir is your own land. It is your property – the paternal property of Hindus. From time immemorial Kasmir is the citadel of Lord Siva. Saivism of Kasmir has been a significant school of Indian Philosophical system. Kashmir is the place of great poets like Kalhana who composed the great historical work Rajatarangini. The great rhetoricians like Mammata, Rudrata, Abhinavagupta and Anandavardhana were the sons of Kashmir. Many Sanskrit poets hail from Kashmir. Even a sizable group of scholars accept Kashmir to bethe birth place of Kalidasa with convincing proofs. Kashmir had been the great glorious centre of Sanskrit learning for millennia. Kashmir thus is your own land, the land of Hindus.

Remember the story of Mahabharata. The kingdom belonged exclusively to the Pandavas. The wicked Kauravas conspired to usurp the land first by trying to annihilate the five brothers in a fire. When the latter survived, the Kauravas managed to bifurcate the kingdom and grab the better half of it. The docile Pandavas accepted it with silence. The greedy Kauravas again conspired to grab the rest of the kingdom. Unable to snatch the land from the mighty Pandavas by force the Kauravas resorted to foul means of dice in which they managed to get the kingdom temporarily for thirteen years and pushed the Pandavas to the forest. The righteous Pandavas fulfilled all the bogus conditions put by the Kauravas and finally came back with request to return their land. They were denied. Pandavas, the paragon of tolerance begged a meager patch of five villages to meet their ends. But the audacious Duryodhana surpassed all limits of arrogance and said he would not spare an inch of land (Suchyagra medini). This demolished the mountainous tolerance in the Pandavas. They stood up for their right. And the whole world witnessed the result.

History is repeating itself. Pandavas of Kashmir are driven out by the Kauravas. Even after tolerating all injustice and subjugations they are humiliatingly denied even a patch of land as small as forty hectares that too for some temporary facilities for the devotees of Lord Amarnath. Remember the arrogance of Omar Abdulla, the new incarnation of Duryodhana in the Kaliyug. How audacious he was to say that he would spare no land to the Hindus. As if it is his father’s land.
O heroes of Jammu! Remember the words of Lord Krisna in Bhagvadgita:
Hato va prapsyasi swargam jitva va bhoksase mahim l
Tasmat uttistha kaunteya yuddhaya kritanischayah ll

(O Arjuna, get up with a determination to fight. If you lose you go to heaven and if you win you enjoy the kingdom.)

O my brothers of Jammu ! You are dying hundred deaths everyday caused by deprivation and humiliation. Glory to you, that you have stood up like the Pandavas stood up for their right. Fight it to the end. It is today or never. You are not fighting for a piece of land. You are fighting for your self respect and for “our” self respect, for the self respect of every Hindu in the country. You are the pioneers, the pathfinders and the torch bearers for the rest of the country. May your war-roars awaken the Kumbhakarnas among Hindus who are enjoying sound slumber when the Hindu civilization is heading towards an almost sure annihilation! May the commotions in Jammu shake the defunct Hindus who can congregate in thousands round a charlatan guru for singing Bhajans but never congregate to fight for their right? May the fire from Jammu ignite the hearts of those Hindus who are eclipsed by the hypocrisy called secularism ! May your zeal arouse every Hindu in the country to come out to fight for his real freedom !

Don’t stop till the goal is achieved. Every self respecting Hindu throughout the world is with you. Lord Amarnath will grant you victory.

Yours truly,

Indulata Das


The Truth behind the Holy Amarnath and reason behind the protests by the Hindu’s of Jammu

amarnath-lingThe Holy Amarnath Shrine is over 5000 years old and also forms an important part of our ancient Hindu scriptures (Nilamata Purana v.1324). The pilgrimage to the holy cave has been described with full topographical details in the Bhringish Samhita and the Amarnatha Mahatmya,both ancient texts said to have been composed even earlier than 5000 years.

It is a big lie and an attempt to dwarf the magnitude of importance of a divine place like the Holy Amarnath that the holy place was discovered only in 1850 by a wandering Muslim Sheppard named Buta Malik. Since then Malik’s descendants have acted as custodians of the cave and received a percentage of donations from the pilgrims.

Lakhs of pilgrims every year make their arduous trip to the Holy place of Lord Amarnath to seek His divine blessings. The pilgrims start their journey from Srinagar on to Pahalgam and then to Baltal passing through about 22 kms of treacherous trek before they reach the holy shrine. The trek is dangerous from the point of view of harsh climatic conditions as well as threat from terrorists.

In view of the number of deaths of pilgrims over the years and by the subsequent protests of pilgrims for better conditions an inquiry was set up by the home ministry and Mr.Nitish Sengupta was asked to conduct his inquiry and submit his recommendations. As a part of the recommendations of the inquiry, it was proposed to the government that an Amarnath Shrine board be formed and a land of 100 acres be allotted to the shrine board to facilitate better conditions for the pilgrims visiting the Holy Amarnath. After the land was sanctioned by the government, all the local political parties and the anti national elements (separatists) such as the Hurriyat council started spreading rumours and lies in the Kashmir valley such as:

1. The land transferred to the Amarnath shrine is an attempt to change the demographics of Kashmir. ( In true sense, they were the ones responsible for changing the demographics of Kashmir by doing ethnic cleansing and driving out lakhs of Kashmiri Hindu pandits from Kashmir so that it always remains a muslim majority state. – Editor)

2. The forest land given to the shrine would create an environmental disaster as it would involve trees to be cut and the land to be cleared of all the natural resources of the forest. ( This point was put by the seperatists without even studying the facts, the land allocated to the shrine board was a clear open land and was not needed to be cleared of any other natural resources of the forest – Editor)

The separatists saw this as a huge opportunity to fuel their dying agenda of separating Kashmir from India and making it a part of Pakistan as it had a majority of Muslim population. According to the Indian intelligence, the Pakistan army and the ISI ( pakistan’s intelligence service ) are also assisting the separatists in escalating the tensions so that they arrive at their desire objective of separating Kashmir from India.

In view of the above tensions, the anti national political parties like PDP and National conference saw this as an opportunity to gain political mileage and put pressure on the congress government in the state to withdraw the land which was legally allotted by the government to the devotees after approvals from all the concerned legal institutions after years and years of consultations. For years the residents of Jammu have been deprived of all the basic amenities and It’s not the first time that people of Jammu are facing discrimination, they have been neglected by Kashmiri politicians for the last 60 years. But after the incidents like the above, Jammuites have realised that if they want to live with self-respect in Jammu, they have to fight for their rights. It is with this resolve that they came to the streets by proudly holding the tricolor in their hand and protesting against the discriminatory act of the government and also to seek the right of every Hindu to practice his faith without being harassed by the government’s minority appeasement policy and to give back their land which was rightfully awarded to them in the first place.

Bad experiences in Amarnath tour

yatra-amarnath From Ashadh Pournima to Shravan Pournima an Amarnath pilgrimage is organized. Shree Kiran Kulkari, the Goa based pious get chance to take part in this. The kinds of experience which he had are extremely bad and irritating.

Our wearied waiting of 16 hours

We did hear that Amarnath pilgrimage is unsafe and dangerous but we got to get the real experience about Amarnath pilgrimage this time. We started from Srinagar at 2 in the night and reached to Baltal at 6:15 am. We were waiting in the queue for helicopter from 6:15am and got tickets of 4:30 pm., because someone gave 200 tickets to some local person. Here we saw lack of discipline, but because of some generous devotees we could survive in that atmosphere with some tea, biscuits and parathas. Rs.3200/- for 7 minutes journey. We reached to Amarnath at 6pm. That journey was merely of 7 minutes, and for that we had to pay Rs. 3200/- per head.

Unreliable helicopter service

When we returned from that holy cave of Amarnath we came to know that because of bad whether conditions we have to stay back in Amarnath. Some of us were staying in Baltal.

Generosity of Hindus in Kashmir valley

Generous Hindus have started Langar (a place where food is arranged for pilgrims free of coast.) for Amarnath pilgrims. Since we had to stay back we went to Langar for dinner where they serve food without charging anything.

Lack of basic needs in Amarnath

We took a tent on rent (Rs.150/- per head) for that night, since we had to stay back in Amarnath, but in those tent basic needs for living were missing. We could hardly get a plastic (on which we were supposed to sleep) and a quilt. Also a low voltage bulb which they put off at 11pm. Also for basic facilities like drinking water and latrine we had to go out. The latrine which they had there were in extreme bad condition. Next day morning we gargle with a freezing water and got into queue for helicopter. There we came to know that because of firing in Baltal helicopter won’t be available. For that matter we decided to pay Rs. 1200/- for a horse and Rs. 6000/- for Doli (a swinging cot).

Every year pilgrims come to Amarnath with a large number. Kashmir govt. can easily provide rooms, electricity, hot water, latrines etc. We really want to congratulate pilgrims who go there in a large number despite of having civic problems and lack of basic infrastructure. No one is ready to say a single word against the unjust happened with Amarnath pilgrims by Govt. or extremist

The Amarnath pilgrimage has a long tradition of 160 years. From Ashadh Pournima to Shravan Pournima lot of Hindus visits to this holy place, still there is a lack of infrastructure and basic needs. So pilgrims have to come back to their base at Baltal in that day only. So they have to travel walking distance of 32 kilometers in a single day, still we don’t have any living facility near Amarnath cave. Pilgrims have to take food and drinking water with themselves. Devotees are facing major problems because of uncertainty of whether and lack of civic needs, infrastructure. Every where pilgrims accommodation is been arranged in tents. There are no permanent latrines on the way. So pilgrims have to do it in open air since there is no permission for construction on Forest land. In the last part (stage) of this pilgrimage the conditions are worst as never before.

(Don’t forget all those political parties who are ready to give five star facilities to Haj pilgrims and ready to give free houses for them. Also we should not forget their apathetic views towards Hindus – Editor.)


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