Global Conspiracy for converting Hindus


1. Financial

‘From all over the world, Rs. 1 lakh crore are spent every year on conversions in Bharat.’ – Mr. KB Surendran, Bharatiya Vichar Kendra

1.1 Foreign aid received for conversions to Christianity

A. ‘Based on the report of the Union Home Ministry for the year 2008, a sum of about 210 million dollars is received as foreign aid for Christian priests, preachers and other religious acts.’ – Mr. PC Dogra (Retd. Bharatiya Police officer)

B. ‘According to a report published by the Union Home Ministry in March 2009, some Christian social organisations received millions of dollars as foreign aid for propagation of Christianity in Bharat.’

C. ‘According to a report of the Union Home Ministry for the Year 2011, Christian organisations in Bharat received monetary assistance upto 2500 million dollars.

D. USA, Germany, Britain, Italy and Netherlands are the five main countries which provide funds for conversions in Bharat.’ – Father Johnson, USA

1.2 Foreign aid received for conversions to Islam

A. ‘Indian Fraternity Forum in Damam (Saudi Arabia) collects money for conversions.’

B. Mediums of transfer of money from Arab countries for conversions in Bharat : Money reaches Bharat from Saudi Arabia through ‘Western Union Money Transfer’ through hawala transactions (Illegal money transfer). Some jewellery businessmen in Bharat have their branches in the Gulf countries. Money is transferred through them as well. Since Muslim pilgrims returning from Haj are not subjected to a strict security check at Bharatiya airports, money is also brought in through them.’


2. National

2.1 Eight lakh Hindus get converted every year

Approximately 3.5 lakh Hindus get converted to Islam and 4.5 lakh to Christianity every year; thus, approximately 8 lakh Hindus get converted every year. If the population of 1947 is compared with that today, it will be observed that the Christian population has grown 5 times and that of Muslims 8 times. Approximately 1.20 lakh Muslims and 3 lakh Christian preachers are striving hard to convert Hindus in our country. – Daily ‘Tarun Bharat’ (20.11.1999)

2.2 Nationwide preparedness of Christians for converting Hindus

A. A Christian religious front that is tirelessly working for the mission of conversions in Bharat : ‘As per the ‘Catholic directory’ of 1998 there are 1,19,250 missionaries, 15,101 Christian educational institutions and 47 lakh students who are getting educated in these institutions. Such is the pace of conversions carried out by the missionaries in Bharat.’

B. ‘Christians have targeted 75,000 Pin Codes in Bharat.’ – Father Johnson, USA

C. Various churches and organisations active in Bharat to convert Hindus

1. Seventh-day Adventist Church : ‘Seventh Day Adventists owes its success in Bharat to Canadian evangelist Ron Watts, who arrived in Bharat in 1997. At that time, the Adventist Church had 2,25,000 members after 103 years of operation. In five years, he took the membership to 7 lakh. This Church forms a group of 10-15 villages, and under the guidance of a pastor, conducts the task of conversions systematically. The local volunteers then carry forward this task. In 1998, 9,337 Hindus from 10 groups of 10 villages each got converted. In 1999, the number shot up to 40,000 Hindus from 40 groups.

2. Maranatha Volunteers International : This American organisation provides buildings to Seventh-day Adventist Church. They are committed to building 750 churches in Bharat between 2011-2012.

3. Fjarli : Oregon-based Fjarli family has a goal of building 1,000 churches at the rate of 1 church per day.’
– Father Johnson, USA

4. Sixty-seven Christian organisations in USA : ‘The Leprosy Mission International’, ‘Baptist Bible Fellowship International’, ‘The Bible League’, ‘World Vision’, ‘Trans World Radio’ etc. are some of the 67 USA organisations which are engaged in the mission of converting Hindus in Bharat very discreetly.’ – Monthly ‘Ekta’ (February 2005)

2.3 Muslim policy that has been active since 1983 to convert Hindus to Islam

1. ‘Enticing illiterate, ignorant and poor Hindus, especially the backward classes to convert to Islam

2. Marrying Hindu women and increasing the number of Muslims through procreation

(Using this conspiracy, approximately 5 lakh Hindu women have been converted to Islam in the past 15 years. Detailed information on this has been provided in the book titled ‘Love Jihad’ published by ‘Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’. – Compiler)

3. Preaching Islamic literature in all languages

(These days, as part of this conspiracy they distribute free copies of their text in Bharatiya languages. – Compilers)

4. Renovation of old mosques and construction of new mosques and madarsas

5. Organising international conferences of Muslims in various parts of the country.’
– Monthly ‘Samanvay’ (March-April 1986)

This conspiracy being experienced by Hindus is being carried out even today in a systematic manner.

3. The ghastliness of the Christian and Muslim sponsored State-wise conversions

A. The ‘Joshua Project’ is concentrating completely on Hindi speaking States in North Bharat – Father Johnson, USA

B. In Punjab, the Christian population has risen to 1% due to conversions : ‘Presently, Christian preachers are preaching in a very aggressive way in Punjab. Consequently, the population of Christians, which was less than 0.1% at the time of Independence, has now risen to 1%.’ – (Late) Mr. Milind Gadgil (A senior journalist who specialised in covering war issues), Mumbai

C. Nagaland had only 200 Christians in the pre-Independence era; it has today become the largest Christian State due to conversions : In 1947, the population of Christians in Nagaland was a mere 200. Today, it is the largest Christian State. According to the 2001 census, 90.02% or 17,90,349 Nagas are Christians. Nagaland now has only 7.7% Hindus left.

D. Mizoram the second largest Christian state : Due to the aggressive evangelisation by Christian missionaries, over 90% people in Mizoram have been converted to Christianity.

E. The third Christian majority State in Bharat is Meghalaya : After Independence, Meghalaya too has become a Christian majority State due to conversions. According to the 2001 census, the Christian population there has reached 70.3% and the Hindus are a mere 13.3%. In Meghalaya, all Government social welfare schemes are implemented through Christian organisations.

F. Spread of Christianity in Manipur : In Manipur 34% population has been converted to Christianity. Most people belonging to the Meitei community have converted to Christianity. Literature in the Manipuri language consists only of the Bible and books associated with Christianity.

G. Kandhamal, a tribal District in Odisha, is on its way to becoming a Christian majority : ‘In Odisha, Kandhamal is a tribal District. Of the 6,47,000 population there, over 1,50,000 are Christians. Christians who were 6% in 1971 are now 27%.’

H. ‘Conversions of thousands of Hindus by the ‘Believers’ in the State of Goa’

I. With the help of the earlier Congress Chief Minister, 10,000 people were converted every month in Andhra Pradesh : ‘The Adventist Church had made groups of 10 and 25 villages in Andhra Pradesh, 50 groups in all, for step by step conversions with the help of the earlier Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y Samuel Rajashekhar Reddy. There, every month a minimum of 10,000 people are converted. Now a target of 5,000 Hindus a day has been set. Gradually, the number of churches in Andhra Pradesh are growing. Attempts are being made to construct a church close to the Tirupati temple.’ – Father Johnson, USA

J. Hindu Dharma on its way to getting wiped out in Kerala : ‘Hindu population in Kerala which was 68.36% in 1901 reduced to 56.20% in 2001 – a fall of 12.16%. Contrary to this, the Muslim population which was 17.28% in 1901 increased to 24.70% in 2001 – a rise of 7.42%. The Christian population which was 13.82% in 1901 became 19.10% in 2001 – a rise of 5.28%.’ – Survey conducted by the Keralathail Hindu group ‘Neriduna Velluvilikal’.

K. Using money power, Christian organisations in Tamil Nadu convert 97,000 poor Hindus to Christianity : ‘Christian organisations in Tamil Nadu are converting Hindus using finance received from USA. A lot of Tamilians are poor. Christian organisations are offering them financial assistance and converting them. Ninety-seven thousand Hindus had been converted to Christianity by 2010.’

L. Conversions in the Andaman and Nicobar islands : ‘In the Union Territory of Andaman-Nicobar islands, the Christian missionaries are taking undue advantage of the poverty, ignorance and helplessness of the people in remote areas. Thousands of tribals there have been converted. On both the islands, a group of 8 to 10 nuns wearing white or blue attire are seen moving around. Today, the Nicobar island has converted completely to Christianity. Along with the Nicobari community, other communities too have become Christians.’ – Mr. Bhaskar Nagare, Navi Mumbai

4. International

4.1 After Nepal became a secular state, 10 lakh Hindus were converted to Christianity

‘After Nepal became a secular State, the process of converting Hindu prisoners has grown. When Nepal had monarchy, it was constitutionally a ‘Hindu Nation’; action used to be taken against Christian evangelists and missionaries who converted Hindus to Christianity. However, now in Nepal Christianity is growing. Bishop Anthony Sharma has proclaimed that of the 2.8 crore population, 10 lakh are Christians.’

4.2 Conversion of helpless Nepali Hindus by Christians, who were granted refuge by USA

‘In the year 2009, about 60,000 Nepali Hindus who had been driven out of Bhutan, were granted refuge by USA. The Christian missionaries there are converting these homeless Hindus, with the help of Bhandra Rai, originally a Nepali Hindu, now converted to Christianity. Informative lectures on Jesus are organised in Nepali language through Rai.’

4.3 The Muslim Government and Christian missionaries in Malaysia plot to convert 7% Hindus in the country

A. Due to atrocities on Hindus by the Muslim Government in Malaysia, they are getting converted at a fast pace : ‘A Hindu organisation from USA active for safeguarding human rights has prepared a report on the atrocities inflicted on Hindus in Malaysia and submitted it to the United Nations Organisation and other international organisations. Given ahead are excerpts from this report.

1. In the past 25 years, 1,30,000 Hindus in Malaysia have been converted.

2. Hindus in Malaysia are compelled to live as second class citizens.

3. Hindus are severely punished even for minor offences.

4. 4. A Hindu man is not allowed to marry a Muslim girl unless he embraces Islam. Muslim men, however, are allowed to marry Hindu girls. In this manner, 33,000 Hindu girls have been converted to Islam.’

B. ‘In 2008, Christian missionaries chalked out a plan to convert 78% of the Hindu population in Malaysia to Christianity.’

(Reference – ‘Religious conversions and Purifying the converted’ )