Hindu Issues

Save Hindu Dharma in Bali, Scrap Bali Benoa Bay Reclamation

Bali, Indonesia is known to be a unique community, primarily composed of Balinese Hindus who have preserved, practiced and propagated a Hindu culture for centuries. With the Bali Bay Reclamation and commercial exploitation of the Bay, the unique culture will be lost and with that Bali stands to lose on the tourism front. Read more »

Support the efforts to declare Nepal as Hindu Rashtra

Nepal has, since times immemorial, been identified as a Vaidik Sanatan Hindu Rashtra. However, due to the anti-Hindu school of thought Nepal lost its position as the world’s only Hindu Rashtra. Appeal all Hindus and Hindu organisation across the globe to actively support the demand of ‘Nepal as Hindu Rashtra’ Read more »

Tactics adopted to convert Hindus to Islam

Like the Christian missionaries, the Islamic preachers also resort to various tactics for religious conversions of Hindus. Illustrations of these tactics are given in this article through examples, incidents or experiences. Read more »

Tactics adopted to convert Hindus to Christianity

Christian missionaries use various tactics to convert Hindus to Christianity. With the view to keep Hindu Dharma and Hindustan alive, some examples, incidents and experiences pertaining to various tactics adopted by Christians for religious conversions has been elucidated in this article. Read more »

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