Eliminate the defects due to which Hindus embrace other religions


For thousands of years, the problem of religious conversions of Hindus, has been on the rise in Bharat. Besides the personality defects of Hindus, there are other reasons too for compounding of this problem. To put an end to this problem, it is essential that the Hindu society introspects and eliminates these defects.

1. Poor financial status

Poor people are enticed into conversions by the non-Hindu organisations with assurances of monthly rewards. There are many instances wherein people have converted because there is no breadwinner in the family, assistance is required to help an ailing family member or to make their own impoverished lives happy.

(Converting for financial gains is not the answer to overcoming the problem of poverty; instead, performing spiritual practice to reduce the intensity of the destiny experienced in this birth [poverty in this case] is the true path. – Compiler)

2. Misguidance by caste-fanatics

Some caste-fanatics and their organisations misguide people by spreading falsehoods such as the Hindu Dharma is a Brahman dominated Dharma and it inflicts injustice upon inferior castes. Consequently, Hindus from these communities drift away from their Dharma and become Buddhists or embrace Shiva Dharma, and despise Hindu Dharma.

3. Lack of Dharmashikshan (Education on Dharma)

‘Conversions of Hindus is the visible effect of the failure of Hindu organisations and political parties in imparting Dharmashikshan to Hindus, and generating pride in Dharma in them.’ – Dr. Jayant Athavale, Founder, Sanatan Sanstha

4. Lack of pride in Dharma

Despite Hindus being in majority in Bharat, an impression that this is a secular country has been created on all generations post-Independence. As a result, pride in Dharma amongst Hindus kept declining. Due to the lack of pride in Dharma, western philosophies of materialism and indulgence influenced them. Non-Hindus encashed this situation to advance their mission of conversions. As against this, Muslims have tremendous pride in their religion and hence, they did not convert.

5. Excessive tolerance

To oppose the conversions of Hindus by other religions, neither did the Hindus put up a united front then, nor are they doing the needful now.

6. Lack of foresight

It is said that the converts are hard-core religious fanatics. Besides, those who bring about conversions, lack of foresight in the community of those getting converted is also responsible for their fanatical behaviour. When a Hindu falls prey to enticement and gets converted, the rest of the Hindu society ostracises him. The boost given to their ego by the missionaries and ostracism by their own community enhances the fanaticism of the neo-converts. Later, these very converts spread their new religion with great fervour and ridicule their own original Dharma, culture, tradition, ancestors etc.’ – Mr. Sandip Ramkrushna Gawde, Shiroda (District Sindhudurg), Maharashtra

7. Policy of discrimination of the secular Government

‘Generally, in Bharat it is the Hindus who fall prey to conversions. The Government is least affected by their conversions; however, if Muslims or Christians get converted, it is illegal from the secular Government’s perspective.’ – Monthly ‘Hindu Voice’ (March 2006)

(Reference – ‘Religious conversions and Purifying the converted’ )