Oppose Black Magic Bill: A Draconian law targeting faith

Anti-superstitions Act exposed : Know how it disowns faith and principles prescribed in Holy Scriptures !

Dr. Narendra Dabholkar was killed and an Ordinance regarding the anti-superstitions Act (Ordinance 2013, for eradication of Anishta ani Aghori Pratha an Jadutona ) was passed riding on the sympathy wave generated after the said killing. What did the Government achieve by passing such ordinance in such hurry ? By this, the Chief Minister started canvassing for elections ! The above apt description has been given by a reporter in his article and the facts are not different from this. The Act could not be passed in last 8 years; because the Government was afraid of losing votes of Warakari Sect; but killing of Dr. Dabholkar has turned this wheel in the other direction. The Congress Government used the opportunity to polish its progressiveness by passing such Ordinance. The reason for passing the anti-superstitions Act is not only Congress’ fanaticism for votes but also ignorance amongst people towards the said Act. It is necessary to draw this curtain of ignorance and wake up Hindus who are in deep sleep and an effort towards it is made through this series of articles.

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Some adversaries of Dharma are, however, trying to abuse Hindu Dharma under the appealing but deceptive pretext of ‘eradication of superstitions’ by victimizing Hindu Dharma along with the eradication of Hindu Dharma. They are however, scared to death to talk about superstitions existing in other religions. These adversaries of Dharma have been trying, through the medium of the Maharashtra Government, to get the Act against superstitions passed. Every time, with the help of the Warkari Sampradaya and other religious and pro-Hindu Organizations, HJS has intensely opposed the said Act and has forced the Government to put the passing of the Act on hold so far. The name of the anti-superstitions Act may have changed; however, its aim of destroying people’s faith has remained intact.

Now once again the adversaries of Dharma have re-started their efforts to get the Act passed under the misleading name of ‘Maharashtra Narabali (human sacrifice), Yaun shoshan (sexual exploitation), Amanavi and Aghori Krutya (inhuman and dreadful action) Act, 2005’ but the so-called new Act is like ‘old wine in a new bottle’. Some of the clauses in the Act are quite harmful for Hindus. Due to these clauses, many religious ceremonies and rituals would become non-bailable offences. All Saints and devotees could be imprisoned. Action would be taken against those following ‘Dharmacharan’ and propagating Dharma under the Act. A guilty person as per this Act, will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5000/- to 50,000/-, besides imprisonment of 6 months to 5 years. This circular is published to create awareness amongst Hindus towards the said Act.

Serious drawbacks of the Act and its utter uselessness :

  1. Legal experts and the Police have offered their impartial opinion that the existing laws are adequate for taking action against the above mentioned offences (e.g. Even now when the said Act has not been passed, in cases of human sacrifices (narabali), a death sentence has been given under the clause 302 of Indian Penal Code.)
  2. The number of crimes committed, related to superstitions, is minimal. (During the last 5 years, 17 cases have been registered in Mumbai) but it has been wrongly mentioned in the prologue of this Act, that the number of offences committed in this connection are alarming.
  3. Despite giving assurance to consider the views of the ‘Warakari Sampradaya’, the Government has consulted none of the religious organizations or ‘Dharmagurus’ while preparing a draft of the Act.
  4. Definitions of many words are not given in the Act, therefore, there is a strong likelihood of misuse of the Act.
  5. Professor Shyam Manav had accepted that the old Act would have imposed a ban on religious ceremonies; but the new draft of the Act is no different and there is only a clever play of words while there is no change in the dangers entailed by the Act.

Anti-Dharma clauses in the Act and the opinion of legal experts

Clause 13 : It is being declared, for the removal of doubt, that nothing from this Act will be applicable to any action that does not lead to the mental, physical or financial distress to a person under a religious rite or religious act.
Explanation: What about the religious ceremonies and acts that involve physical, mental or financial distress? It is clear that such acts would not be spared. Further, any act not only religious but even other practical acts involve some kind of physical, mental or financial distress and this is but a natural rule of the practical world. This shows that the Act will be applicable to all religious acts. This clause is a cruel mockery of feelings of the people, under the guise of providing ‘relief’.
It is now the responsibility of all the religious people like you to fight against this Act that has such harmful provisions and implications. Zealously participate in this fight by sending protest letters and take part in protest rallies and demonstrations to oppose the Act.

Please download the new Draft of Bill here (lang. – Marathi)

Black Magic Bill


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Measures to be undertaken to oppose the Black Magic Bill

1. Meet local MLAs, guardian ministers, ministers, State ministers etc. and elected representatives and put forth before them the facts about the proposed Act and insist that they should become active and see to it that the Act is not passed in the forthcoming session.

2. Submit representations to local district collectors, tehsildars and administrative officers and demand cancellation of the Act.

3. Plan agitation by bringing together organizations that have similar views on the subject at district, taluka, and village level.

4. Write letters to Chief Minister, Dy. Chief Minister and Minister for Social Justice by self, get such letters written from devout Hindus and organizations protesting against passing of the said Act.

5. Contact Shri. Shivaji Vatkar on 93225 33595 for more information and to know about action taken so far. His email-id is [email protected]


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Contact below addresses for sending protest letters
1. Mr. Shivajirao Moghe, Minister for Social Justice, Department of Social Justice, Mantralay, Mumbai – 32
Office No. – (022) 22876069, fax – 22876463,
E-mail: [email protected]
2. Mr. Pruthviraj Chavan, Chief Minister, Maharashtra, Mantralay, Mumbai – 32; Office No.- (022) 22025151, Fax – (022) 22029214,
E-mail: [email protected]
3. Mr. Ajit Pawar, Dy. Chief Minister, Maharashtra, Mantralay, Mumbai – 32. Office No. – (022) 22022401, fax – 22024873
E-mail: [email protected]

Mumbai : Warkaris warn to pull down Congress Govt. if Anti-Superstitions Bill is passed (March 21, 2012)


Mumbai : For the last 750 years, saints like Dnyaneshwar, Tukaram etc. have been spear-heading a tirade against blind faith and showing a correct path to the society. Even today, the warkaris are performing this arduous task. However, a few atheists are posing as if they have taken up the sole mantle of ‘removal blind faith’ prevalent in the society on their shoulders and trying to bring a law for branding the faith of the Hindus as ‘blind faith’ through the government. The Warkaris have warned that if the government buckles under the pressure of a handful of people and bring in the law to assault the Hindu faith, they will not hesitate to pull down the Congress from power. The warning was voiced through a Dharna agitation of the Warkaris and other pro-Hindu organizations on the backdrop of budget session at Azad Maidan, Mumbai. Several saints and organizations gathered at the Maidan and vehemently opposed the proposed bill.

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Strong unity of Warkari and Hindu organizations force Congress Government to promise Hindus ! (March 21, 2012)

Mumbai : The strength of Warkaris is quite powerful in Maharashtra; therefore, we will not go against the wishes of Warkaris and pass the proposed anti-superstitions Act. The above promise was given by Pruthviraj Chavan, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to the delegation comprising of Warkaris, pro-Hindu organizations and MLAs in Vidhan Bhavan.

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H.H. Asaramji Bapu condemn Anti-Hindu Anti-Superstitions Bill

Protest at Azad Maidan by HJS against the Anti-faith bill

Please download the new Draft of Bill here (lang. – Marathi)