Why should one bend in the waist while sweeping the floor?



1. Appropriate time for sweeping and its underlying science

        Everyone knows how to clean the house and the courtyard. From the scientific and hygienic point of view, cleanliness is important. However, at a spiritual level, this is an important Conduct (Achar). Abiding by it, one benefits at the subtle level too.

        Sweeping with a broom creates friction with the floor and distressing vibrations are generated. In addition to the person who is sweeping with a broom, these vibrations are distressful for the other members of the family too in less or more proportion. When one sweeps in the morning, due to the sattvik and Chaitanya waves present in the environment, these distressing vibrations are kept under control and no one is distressed by the act of sweeping the floor. Hence, sweep the floor once in the morning only. Some people sweep the floor in the evening too. If the floor is swept in the evening, there is a greater possibility of negative energies entering the premises (Vastu).

2. Methods of sweeping the floor

        Some people sweep the floor by bending forward at the waist, whereas some do so while squatting. Now-a-days, a vacuum cleaner is also used instead of a broom for cleaning the house. This appliance does clean at a gross level; however, it has adverse effects at a subtle level.

  •  Raja waves are created around the appliance.
  • Due to the friction between the air expelled by the vacuum cleaner and the floor, centres of black energy of the negative energies in the Nether region (Patal) are activated.

  • A black covering is created around the person cleaning the floor.

  • Tama particles spread in the body of the person.
  • The thought centres of the person gain momentum.

  • Black energy enters the body of the person.

3. Appropriate method of sweeping the floor

  • Start with a prayer to God.

  • Express gratitude towards the broom.

  • Holding the broom in the right hand, bend towards the right at the waist.

  • From inside the house, sweep the floor towards the outer side.

  • Sweep from the rear and take the broom forward. Lift the broom, again sweep from the rear and take the broom forward. Remember the following points:

    A. While bringing the broom towards the rear again, do not drag it against the floor.

    B. Do not wipe the broom on the floor with force and also do not thump it on the floor.

    C. Do not go down on your knees to sweep the floor.

    D. While sweeping, do not move towards the East. If there is no alternative but to move towards the East, pray to the Deities first.

  • Collect the garbage in a corner near the door. Then lift it and put it in the garbage can. Keep the garbage can covered.

  • Keep the broom in its place. Keep the cluster of the broomsticks in the upward direction. As against this, if the cluster of the broomsticks is kept in the downward direction, it collects the distressing frequencies emanating from the Nether Region (Patal). As a result, they can affect the person who sweeps with the broom.

  • After completing the task, express gratitude towards God.

Effects at subtle level while sweeping the floor

  • Bending at the waist for sweeping activates the five vital energies (Panchpran) in the chakra at the navel.

  • The person’s Sun channel (Suryanadi) is awakened and particles of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) spread in his body.

  • Sattva waves spread in the person’s right hand in a circular manner.

  • These waves are emitted towards the broom in the form of a flow.

  • By sweeping with a broom charged with the Sattva waves, the negative energies present in the garbage are removed.

3A Spiritual science underlying bending at the waist

        Bending at the waist for sweeping exerts pressure at the nabhi chakra and its five vital energies (Panchpran) are awakened. By bending on the right side, the person’s Sun channel (Surya-nadi) is activated and the person is protected from the distressing vibrations emanating from the earth through the medium of the Absolute Fire Principle (Tej-tattva).

3B Spiritual science underlying not bending on the knees to sweep the floor

        Due to the posture of the body created while sweeping by bending on the knees, the Rajasik-Tamasik air accumulated in the void of the knees gets momentum and there is a possibility of the distressing waves emanating from the Hell region towards the environment getting attracted towards the person. This is the reason why we should not sweep the floor in this posture.

3C Spiritual science underlying not moving or proceeding towards the East while sweeping the floor

        The waves of Sagun Principle of the Deities descend on the earth from the East. Garbage is Rajasik-Tamasik. Due to the Raja-Tama present in the garbage, the waves of the Deity Principle descending from the East get obstructed. Hence, do not move towards the East while sweeping the floor.

3D Reason for not dragging/ drawing the broom in the rear or opposite direction

        By dragging or drawing the broom towards the rear while sweeping, rapid whirls moving in an anti-clock wise direction are created and the distressing vibrations adjacent to the ground get accumulated in these whirls. This is the reason why instead of dragging/drawing the broom in the rear direction, one should lift the broom, again sweep from the rear and take the broom forward.

3E Why the broom should not be thumped on floor or dragged with force?

        Distressing sound is created by actions like sweeping the floor forcefully or thumping the broomstick. Due to this, the distressing vibrations of the Hell region and the premises get activated. This is the reason why such actions are avoided.

3F Reason for collecting the garbage in the garbage bin

        The garbage is collected and put in the garbage can or bin kept in the corner of the house. The garbage can is covered. The reason for this is that the corner of the house has the ability to attract the Rajasik-Tamasik and distressing vibrations. Thus, by collecting the garbage in the garbage can / bin, the distressing vibrations present in the garbage remain there itself and do not spread in the house.

4. Conducts (Achars) associated with swabbing the floor

        In olden days, the floor was waxed with or smeared by cow-dung. Today’s houses have tiles which need to be swabbed with a damp cloth. Modern appliances are also available through which the floor can be swabbed while standing too.

4A Effects of swabbing the floor with an appliance

  • Diseases of bones and muscles: Due to the distressing vibrations generated by swabbing the floor with help of the appliance there is a possibility of having distress like pain in the joints etc.

  • Pollution of the premises: While swabbing the floor with an appliance, a striking sound, adjacent to the ground is generated. Distressing vibrations of Hell region may rapidly attracted to this sound. Consequently, the premise is polluted by swabbing the floor with an appliance.

  • Increased distress of negative energies: We stand while swabbing the floor with an appliance. Thus, the body is not required to bend much. As a specific posture is not formed the Sun channel (Surya-nadi) is not awakened. Thus, the person can experience greater distress of negative energies.

4B Correct method of swabbing the floor

  • For swabbing the floor, take water in a bucket and put a pinch of Holy Ash (Vibhuti) of sattvik incense stick or of a Yadnya in it. Then, pray to the Water Deity for removal of the black covering on the ground by the Chaitanya of the water. Vibhuti has sattvik energy in it which helps in the destruction of black covering.

  • Take a clean cloth for swabbing the floor, soak it in water mixed with Vibhuti and wring it.

  • While standing bend at your waist, take the wet cloth in the right hand and begin swabbing the floor. Swab the floor by wiping the cloth right and left.

  • Soak the cloth in the water intermittently and wring it.

  • Similar to sweeping, swab the floor from inside to outward.

  • After swabbing the floor of the whole house, wash and dry the cloth.

  • Thereafter, wash the bucket and keep it in its appropriate place.

  • Wash your hands and legs and express gratitude.

  • Wave an incense stick in the house and once again pray to God to maintain the Sattvikata in the house.

4C Effect of bending and swabbing the floor with the right hand

        Due to the posture formed by bending and swabbing the floor with the right hand, the five vital energies present in the Manipur chakra are activated. By the activation of the Sun channel (Surya-nadi), the vitality of the body in the form of Absolute Fire element (Tej-tattva) is also activated. The flow of activated vitality is transferred in the cloth through the right hand. This creates a protective sheath of Absolute Fire Element on the ground with the help of the Absolute Water Element (Apa-tattva) present in the water. This sheath obstructs the distressing vibrations. Thus, by swabbing the floor immediately after sweeping the floor with utmost spiritual emotion and chanting, the rajasik-tamasik distressing vibrations are destroyed. The premise becomes sattvik and full of Chaitanya. This not only benefits the premise but also all the family members spiritually.

Reference: Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text ‘Daily conduct and science underlying its Acts