Shri Ganesh Rangoli – Rangoli designs associated with Shri Ganesh Principle

Shri Ganesh Rangoli – Rangoli that attracts and emits vibrations of Sagun Principle


Shri Ganesh Rangoli with 14 Dots : 14 Lines

Shri Ganesh Rangoli – Shri Ganapati Principle : Bhav

        Rangoli pattern of bhav or saguṇ Principle should be drawn in daily worship, whereas in Shri Ganesh celebrations, rangoli of Anand or nirguṇ Principle should be drawn.


Shri Ganesh Rangoli with 14 Dots : 14 Lines

         If, from the rangoli pattern that has the vibrations of bhav, the blue square is eliminated, vibrations of nirgun Principle are felt. The colour combination in this rangoli is similar to that of the one emitting vibrations of bhav.

Shri Ganesh Rangoli – Shri Ganapati Principle : Anand

Rangolis of Linear Pattern

        Rangoli patterns given here should be drawn in front of or around tulsi-vrundavan (A small rectangular structure in which the tulsi [Holy basil plant] is grown), temple at home, the four-legged stool used in puja, the wooden seat used during aukshaṇ (Ritual of waving of lit lamps in front of a Saint or a person).


Shri Ganesh Rangoli with 25 Dots : 4 Lines


Shri Ganesh Rangoli with 13 to 11 Dots

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Shri Ganapati’.

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