Extent of pressure to be applied on Pressure Points in Acupressure Therapy

        The ancient Acupressure Therapy discovered by the knowledgeable Sages and Ascetics is of great importance, because it is based on the science of Spirituality. By applying pressure on specific body points that control the flow of chetana-shakti (Sentient energy), obstacles in its flow are eliminated and ailments overcome. This is the principle on which Acupressure Therapy functions.

1. Extent of pressure to be applied on pressure points

        In Acupressure Therapy, extent of pressure to be applied on the pressure points depends on the factors mentioned ahead.

  • Type of disease

  • Age of the patient

  • Physical condition of the patient

  • Built of the patient

  • Location of the pressure point

2. Pressure to be applied on pressure points during the treatment

        Depending on the type of illness, light, moderate or heavy pressure should be applied to the pressure points. 

A. When should light or moderate pressure be applied to the pressure points ?

  • When the patient is being treated the first time

  • When the point is very painful

  • If the point and the area around it is swollen

  • When the muscles are very weak and flaccid

  • When the related organ has become very weak (for example, the heart)

B. When should heavy pressure  be applied to the pressure points ?

  • If the disease is chronic

  • If the person taking treatment is not troubled with various complications of the disease.

  • If during the treatment, the patient is not too tired.

C. Analysis based on the subtle-knowledge associated with pressure applied in Acupressure Therapy

  • Applying light pressure : Light pressure is effective at the nirgun level and imparts anand (Bliss). Though tarak (Saviour) in nature, this remedy is more effective.

  • Applying pressure with a slightly greater force : When slightly greater pressure is applied, it affects at the sagun as well as the nirgun levels in varying proportion.

  • Applying pressure with a greater force : When pressure is applied with a greater force, it becomes marak (Destroyer) in nature, leading to activation of waves of Shakti (Divine Energy)

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Acupressure therapy for common ailments