Identifying the exact Acupressure point on body


         Acupressure is an ancient Therapy discovered by the knowledgeable Sages and Ascetics and is of great importance because it is based on the science of Spirituality. In the present Kaliyug (Era of strife), besides physical and psychological sufferings, everyone suffers from spiritual distress in varying proportions. One can overcome the physical and psychological sufferings with moderate and light touch respectively, and reduce the spiritual sufferings through Acupressure Therapy (without touching) based on spiritual prowess acquired by praying, chanting, meditating etc.In this method, the Acupressure points corresponding to a specific organ are pressed and the associatedorgan is stimulated. Through activation of a point, the obstacles in the flow of energy are overcome.

         Nearly a thousand points are shown in the diagrams that illustrate the Acupressure points on the body. Six hundred and sixty-nine Acupressure points have been listed in a book ‘Chen Chiu Hsueh (Modern Acupressure)’ by Dr Chiu Lian, which is considered to be the authority. Of these, only about 90-100 points are related to day-to-day minor ailments. Of these, only about 25-30 points are very important.


1. Some important signs to locate the correct Acupressure Point

  1. Pain in a specific Acupressure point (this sign can be termed as the ‘key’ to locate the definite Acupressure point)

  1. Change in the colour of skin around the Acupressure point and the point becoming yellowish, whitish or reddish

  1. Swelling over the skin on the Acupressure point

  1. Abrasion marks over the skin on the Acupressure point

  1. Small boil appearing over the Acupressure point

  1. Temperature of the Acupressure point being a little higher than the surrounding body part

  1. In recent times, many Acupressure therapists have been using a specific type of electrical device to locate the Acupressure point. According to them, these devices use lower voltage than normal electric equipment. Of course, Acupressure point can be stimulated even with weak electrical current; however, the area around these pressure points responds differently.

 2. Importance of locating the correct Acupressure points for treatment

         In Acupressure Therapy, locating the correct pressure point and applying pressure on it for treatment is of utmost important. Treating the Acupressure points of the patient which are not associated with the disease has no effect on the disease. For example, there are specific Acupressure points to alleviate tooth-ache. If pressure is applied over points other than these specific points, the toothache does not subside. An experienced patient using Acupressure Therapy for many days can perceive if the correct pressure points are being pressed.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Acupressure therapy for common ailments