How does Acupressure work unknowingly through ornaments, objects or every action prescribed by Hindu Dharma

        Ancient Sages and Ascetics were conversant with Acupressure Therapy. To help man lead an evolved life, they devised superior and everlasting Achardharma (Code of conduct) pertaining to day-to-day life in such a way that through them Acupressure Therapy took place easily, meaning, in abiding by Dharma (Righteousness), an individual would get the appropriate benefits of Acupressure Therapy unknowingly and easily.


1. Acupressure Therapy is a part of Karmayoga (Path of action)

        Achardharma of Hindus is ‘Karmabandhanyoga’ (Bondage of karma). This is known as Karmayoga too. Acupressure Therapy is used in this Yoga.

        Some examples of actions in day-to-day life as ascertained by Sages and Ascetics, and pictures based on subtle-knowledge drawn by Ms. Priyanka Lotlikar are given ahead. These examples will also help us realise the depth of Hindu Dharma.

2. Examples from day-to-day life set by Hindu

Dharma and effects as per the science underlying Acupressure

Some examples set by Hindu Dharma Organ affected and the Acupressure point Effects as per science of Acupressure Therapy
1. Pertaining to Sages and Ascetics
A. Method of tying hair Point on the head Awakening of Brahmarandhra
B. Kundal Points on the ear lobes Increasing vairagya bhav in the body
C. Kubadi Points in the armpits Controlling sexual desire
D. kamandalu Points on the fingersand palms Maintaining the motion of Tej in the body
E. Bracelet and armband made from beads of rudraksha Points on the arm and wrist Increasing the energy flow in the body responsible for strengthening of the body and providing encouragement for action and reducing hastiness
F. Khadau Points on the sole, big toe and second toe Holding the wooden projection in footwear provides protection from the distressing waves that can easily enter through the big toe into the body
2. Pertaining to men
A. Bhikabali Points on the ears To increase control at the action level in men
B. Crown Points on the circumference of the head To attract waves related to the Shaktitattva (Divine Energy Principle) from the universe towards the self through the medium of the void in the points on the circumference of the head, and help enhance Tej in the body, thus helping men to continuously preserve liveliness and activity at the level of Tej through the medium of the Sūryanaḍi (The Sun channel)
C. Bow Points on the shoulders Increase in the Kshatratej (Radiance of a Kshatriya) in the body by purifying the void between the chest and the back
3. Related to women
A. Ornaments to be worn by Women Points on the respective organs To provide conducive environment for the functioning of Raja component in the respective organs with the help of Tej
1. Ornaments to be worn on the nose and ears Points on the nose and ears They become conducive for Vayu and expel the Raja-Tama components in the respective voids, thus bringing about disintegration of related waves with the help of Tej in the ornaments
B. Tattooing
1. On the Adnya-chakra Midpoint of the eyebrows The void in the Adnya-chakra is conducive to a task with the support of expulsion of air and nurtures the functioning of waves of Shaktitattva originating from the Adnya-chakra
2. Four fingers (about 2 inches) from the wrist Points on the Forearms Due to tattooing of Deities on the forearms, Shaktitattva point responsible for regulating vital energy at the spot is kept active continuously
C. Carrying a metal pot filled with water over the waist Points over the waist Helps keep sexual desires of the woman, who is inherently Raja-predominant, under control and thereby, not letting her get distracted from continuous communion with God
4. Related to men and women
A. Waking barefoot Points on the soles Continuously providing radiance to the chetana in the body and thereby, continuously protecting the body from distressing waves emanating from Patal (Hell Region)
B. Sleeping on hard floor Points on the back Sushumnanaḍi functions continuously in an awakened state and hence, even when asleep or when Tama-component is active during sleep, the body is protected from distressing waves emanating from Patal (Hell-region).
C. Japamala Points on the fingers Note 1
D. Mudra during meditation Points on the fingers Increase in Atmabal (Power of the soul)

Note 1 – Effects of holding a japamala :

        A Japamala in the hand serves as a good reminder (to chant) to the individual, and with the help of the thumb and the ring finger, continuous communion with God is maintained at the level of Apatattva (Absolute Water Principle) and Akashtattva (Absolute Ether Principle). [Another school of thought says it is Pruthvitattva (Absolute Earth Principle) and Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle)]; hence, it is known as ‘smarani (One that reminds)’. When moving a bead forward with the help of the middle finger and with the touch of Tej (The middle finger is associated with the Tejtattva [Another school of thought says it is the Akashtattva]), the obstacles created by negative energies in the process of chanting can be eliminated. Also, the mudra created when counting the beads is the prana-mudra. It keeps the five pranas (Vital energies) in the body continuously active, meaning, it keeps the sensitivity required for imbibing Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) active. During a mudra, Acupressure is affected.

3. Examples of how does Acupressure work in day-to-day life

A. Wearing a ring

The Chaitanya in a ring exerts pressure on the soft part of the fingers, and results in Acupressure treatment. It eliminates the obstacle of distressing energy and the Chaitanya reaches every finger.

B. When a man places the janeu (Sacred thread) over the right ear while urinating or defecating

The spiritual healing affected by a janeu is indirect and takes place at the level of touch. The energy (in the form of Tejtattva) from the janeu, through contact with the ear, spreads into the body through the void of the ear. It leads to activation of the Suryanadi and creation of a protective sheath around the body. Consequently, the individual is protected from the contact with Raja-Tama-predominant waves whilst urinating or defecating.

4. Subtle-knowledge of some conducts in day-to-day life

A. Subtle-benefits of piercing the ears and nose

  1. Due to the holes made in the skin upon piercing the nose and the ears, rings of Sattva waves made of Shakti and Chaitanya are created around the openings. Chaitanya is imbibed through the medium of these rings, leading to creation of a protective sheath around these organs.

  2. Upon wearing ornaments on the nose and ears, Acupressure Therapy takes place continuously; Sattva-predominant centripetal waves circulate around the Acupressure point. These Sattva-predominant waves and Sattva particles spread all over the body through the breath. They also spread through the skin into the blood vessels, and then spread throughout the body. Consequently, Chaitanya also fills the hollow in the head.

  3. Openings over the nostrils eliminate obstacles in breathing.

  4. Some women pierce both the sides of the nose. It helps control the Chandra, Surya and Sushumnanadis. If the Chandranadi (The Moon channel) in a woman is activated, the Sattva waves around the opening on the left nostril reduce the restlessness created in the body and the mind. When the Suryanadi is activated, the Sattva waves around the opening on the right nostril regulate the active Kriya-shakti (Energy of action) in it.

B. Subtle-benefits of walking barefoot


  • Creation of centrifugal waves of Chaitanya in the soles : Acupressure points on the soles get pressed automatically by walking barefoot on rough, uneven ground. This results in the creation of centrifugal energy waves. This energy gets converted into Chaitanya and spreads all over the body. At the same time, the Chaitanya spreads into the blood vessels in the body, causing disintegration of distressing energy in the body. Along with Chaitanya, Sattva particles also spread all over the body.

  • Sattva waves emanating from the earth bestow greater benefit : Nowadays, a special kind of plastic plate is available to stimulate Acupressure points of the soles. Since this plate is artificially made, Raja-Tama waves emanate from it. However, by walking barefoot on the ground, the Sattva waves emanating from the earth affect the body and provide more benefit to the individual.

  • Its utility is acknowledged even by Allopathy : Nowadays, doctors have been advising patients who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure to walk barefoot on sand or grass. This shows the greatness of the science discovered by Sages and Ascetics.

5. How does Acupressure work unknowingly and

continuously by wearing ornaments and through every action

        The ancient concept of wearing ornaments is a medium of Acupressure Therapy at the spiritual level, and works unknowingly and continuously on the individual. Wearing ornaments or every action as a part of Achardharma was followed meticulously by the individuals in the earlier times. Hence, they did not require Acupressure Therapy. They were experiencing Acupressure Therapy constantly in their lives. However, in Kaliyug (Era of strife), Hindus have drifted away from Achardharma, and hence, the need for Acupressure Therapy externally. This proves that in the earlier times, Acupressure Therapy was being used at every stage through various mediums, and the followers of the Vedas were at the forefront in using Acupressure Therapy through Achardharma at the level of Chaitanya.

        In the ancient times, all individuals constantly made efforts to abide by Dharma and perform spiritual practice. In his own way, each individual made efforts to follow the path advocated by the learned. This resulted in their spiritual progress and the individuals became capable of leading prosperous, evolved and peaceful lives.

        The physical body of humans is perishable and has limitations. Naturally, there are limitations to keeping the body healthy. From this perspective, it can be said that Acupressure Therapy has its limitations. However, since the subtle-body of man is eternal, by using this therapy man should progress on the path to obtaining Anand (Bliss) and try to merge with it. This is the true purpose of human life. Everyone should make efforts to achieve this and obtain the inspiration to progress spiritually in life. This is the prayer at the Holy feet of the Vishwachetana (Universal life energy).

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Acupressure therapy for common ailments